Month: February 2017

A Guide to Buy Orthopedic Shoes for Women


Aching feet after an eventful day is a common problem. Irrespective of the type of the job, whether it requires standing on the feet or not, one might regularly experience a severe foot ache. Sometimes this might start just after a few minutes of wearing a pair of shoe and walking or standing in place. This pain could be a cause of foot problems like flat feet, athlete’s foot, bunions, calluses, corns, ingrown or thick toenail, diabetic foot, or hammertoe. Along with medications and ointments, a change in footwear is often recommended by an orthopedic doctor.

The use of orthopedic shoes is known to be an effective solution for such foot problems. These shoes help treat the problem by giving the right support to one’s foot. These shoes might seem to be a plain option for those women who are used to wearing trendy shoes. However, the manufacturers of these shoes are aware about the fashion updates regarding the shoes for women and now, one can find a range of stylish and fashionable orthopedic shoes to suit one’s attire. It has been observed that women need these shoes more than men do because they have small and very fragile feet. Using these shoes would be the right way to take care of one’s feet and hence, the overall body health.

Characteristics of the Best Orthopedic Shoes for Women

The best ones usually have hook and loop closures which enable ease of adjustment and give a perfect fit. The outer soles of such sports or running shoes are generally flared to give foot stability. These are also made of materials like polyurethane rocker that absorb shocks. These shoes usually have removable insoles. This feature basically helps remove the soles and adjust the size in case of foot swelling. The ones with a spandex stretch upper is a good choice for those looking for stretchable shoes. This gives perfect fit and ease of wearing.

Furthermore, these shoes usually have a wide and deep toe box that helps relieve toe problems. A firm heel counter and a contoured foot bed is one of the primary characteristics of these shoes. Most of these also come with a slight heel, something that women would not wish to miss out. Those with arch support and metatarsal support are the best choice for women with flat feet or metatarsalgia problems respectively. The upper part of the shoe is commonly made with breathable material and there is soft cushioning for the tongue and collar area for the ultimate comfort.

Options Available

From casual flip-flops to formal dress shoes, one has a lot of options that are available. There are choices ranging from funky pink to simple black, with fully adjustable flip-flops that help the feet relax. For a cool look, one can pair the jeans or cargos with the comfy slide-on sneakers. They also come with side to side adjustable straps on the upper part. Another option in such footwear is the light weight sandals that have adjustable straps and shock absorbing sole. If one loves walking with comfy clogs in the house or garden, then they can opt for the same in the orthopedic version. This version comes with a specially designed outer sole for an extra grip and walking comfort.

Orthopedic dress shoes come in a number of styles and one can easily find a pair to suit the dress code. From leather to canvas, these shoes are available in many colors as well. One can also find them with proper arch support and wide toe space giving optimum comfort. They are also available in a wide range of colors which include shiny black, decent white, classy cherry brown, or a matching navy blue. Though one can rarely get a pencil heel piece, a high box heels which can be used on some special occasions are available. The regular orthopedic dress shoes come in small 1-2 inches heels. Moreover, they come in amazing texture and designs. Some are also available in buckles and velcro straps for added support and adjustment.

Apart from the aforementioned varieties, one can also opt for custom orthopedic shoes that are available for women. These are basically shoes made according to the size and measurements prescribed by an orthopedic doctor. Many shops offer the services of such custom-made shoes. So, getting a suitable and perfectly sized pair of these extremely comfortable shoes might prove beneficial.

Buying the First Pair of Baby Shoes

Your baby’s first step… and there goes a memory just priceless! Some may be curious as to why is it such a big thing, but trust me when you are a part of the family that witnesses this tiny but precious moment, you know how this is worth more than a photo or video capture. Now that your baby is learning to walk, you will have to do more than just being the support on his tiny fist. Get him the right pair of shoes, that will help him walk and explore with comfort. There are a variety of shoes in the market and they come in different and cute designs, some that you just cannot resist buying. But it is important to take care of certain things before you buy the first pair of baby shoes.

With an eye on his feet, your biggest fear is the balance and safety of the baby. Moreover when your baby is walking, he is simply learning to walk well, and most doctors advise to wait for sometime before you buy him shoes, as his feet may still be developing, he may still have baby fat under his foot sole in the arches. If the baby appears flat footed due to this fat, a regular check up can help you consider buying his first pair of shoes. So what are the right kind of shoes for the baby, what all should you consider when buying them. Well, to answer all these queries we have compiled a small set of question and answers below, which should help you. Take a look.

When Will Your Baby Need Shoes
When the baby has just put his first foot down, it is advisable to let him walk bare feet for some days. This can help the baby understand and balance his body better first without shoes and get accustomed to the action of putting each foot forward in the correct manner. Once the baby is comfortable with walking by itself barefoot, it will be easier to walk with shoes on. One may also consult a pediatrician for the right time for buying shoes for your baby.

What Kind of Baby Shoes Should You Buy
Shoes for babies should be soft, they should not hurt the baby’s feet. More flexibility in the shoes will help in easy walking for the baby. Make sure the shoes are breathable and are made up of not very hard material. Natural materials make a wise choice here, as the baby’s feet sweat more and harsh materials will harm the skin. It is wise to check the sole of the shoe, it should not be very thick or thin and must have a little grip. Just enough to prevent the baby from slipping. The sole should be of moderate thickness and should not make the baby drag her feet. A light weight sole can help her pick walking soon. Shoes without and least modifications like arches and heels, are the most preferred. Velcro straps are more preferred over laces. Less hassle for you to tie them often and it saves the baby the risk of tripping due to open laces.

How Should Baby Shoes Fit
Size is very important when buying shoes for small kids. The right size will keep the feet comfortable. It will also give room for the baby’s feet to grow. The feet are the most delicate at this time and the bones and tendons are still growing, and the feet are taking shape. Check the widest width of the shoe, by pinching it when the baby is wearing it, a small space pinch should be formed. Check the space in the shoe by pressing the tip of the shoe at the longest toe or insert your pinky finger at the ankle end of the shoe. Too much or too little space is a strict no, your finger should fit in snugly and you should be able to press, a little less than half inch in the toe room. There should be just enough space when the baby is wearing the shoe. Make sure the shoes do not slip out of the feet. Keep a watch when the baby is walking in the shoes, if you feel the baby is dragging, having difficulty or is not comfortable walking, it’s time to change the shoe.

Another important point is that price is not the only tag for quality and comfort, you will have to try different shoes and then buy the one that fits best, even if it is not expensive. Remember to buy the ones that are the most comfortable and safe for the baby. Watching those tiny feet walking is memorable, and with the perfect pair of cute baby shoes… priceless!

How to Wear Boots with a Skirt


The nip in the air does not mean that you need to relegate your skirts and dresses to the far end of your wardrobe. If you love your skirts but are unsure about what is the perfect way to make them look appropriate for winters, then you may be surprised to know that the solution has been staring at you right in the face. Those ubiquitous pair of boots that every woman owns are the perfect accessory to team with your skirts to make them look perfect for the colder climate. It is a trend that has been around for a while but has become quite a rage in the recent time. Tall boots with skirts, booties with leggings and mini skirts; wearing boots with a skirt means that you will be in tandem with the latest fashion trend that is sending fashionistas scurrying around.

Rocking the Trend

Frankly, for the winters, the best bet is to opt for a pair of tall boots as they will protect you against the elements. Whether you want to buy a pair of flat or heeled shoes is a personal choice but we would recommend that you opt for a pair with slight heels, as these can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. The boots that you buy should be ones that are designed in one of the classic styles. While following the trends is fine, it is important that when you invest in a pair of boots, you can wear them for a while and do not have to discard them according to the cyclical demands of fashion. It is advisable that you buy a pair in black or even brown as these neutral colors match most clothes. Buy a pair that just skims the knee but does not go any higher. You do not want the boots to be covered by the skirt that you are wearing.

Matching your clothes with shoes, especially boots can be a pain but the end result is always gorgeous. A question that many people frequently ask is when to wear boots. Well, this is a difficult question to answer as it completely depends on the occasion. You would not want to wear your stilettos to the garden party with a pretty summer dress. Dress up as the occasion demands. Another important thing to keep in mind is to always allow for some leg show. This makes the attire more flattering.

Another trend that has really caught on recent time is teaming skirts with leggings and ankle boots and this is a perfect option for winter. You could also wear sheer tights with skirts and tall boots but that is a personal preference. If you do opt to wear tights though, play with color and pattern. This brings a new lease of life to the attire and can be a lot of fun on a balmy morning. Try to mix and match. Do not wear a completely black ensemble. Imbue a dash of color to give it some life.

If you are wearing your shoes with a long skirt, then try and think beyond fuller skirts. Opt to wear long, narrow skirts with tall boots. This can be a big fashion statement to make. With short skirts, try to avoid wearing extremely short skirts with boots, as they tend to send out the wrong image. Just pick the right pair as per your aesthetic sense and you should be ready to flaunt your skirts this winter.

How to Dye Wedding Shoes

A few years back, the last thing on a bride’s mind, when planning her wedding, used to be her wedding shoes. Reason being that most brides opted for full-length wedding gowns, which concealed the footwear and hence, brides did not want to pay attention to something that no one could actually see! However, this trend is fast changing now, considering that so many brides today are opting for unconventional dresses which end at the knee, and flip flops, flat slippers, etc. instead of pumps, stilettos, and slingbacks, as footwear! Today’s brides are also very different in their thinking and want to wear and look the best on the most special day of their life, whether someone else notices or not! That’s why, lots of brides today are curious to know about ways to decorate their wedding shoes, so that they can brighten up and enhance the beauty of the otherwise very dull-looking, white shoes.

Pearls, Beads, Rhinestones, Lace…
The simplest thing that you can do is to add a few faux pearls or rhinestones or a delicate lace to them. For this, all you have to do is to get hot glue, put it on the area of the shoe where you want to add these embellishments and then stick them on. Choose amongst pearls, rhinestones, beads or lace, depending upon the wedding dress. If the dress has lace, use the same on the shoe. If the dress is a bit plain, add some rhinestones to up the glamor quotient. If you do not want to go over the top with embellishments, simply stick some beads to the shoe heels and give them an interesting twist!

Add some colorful ribbons to your shoes. If your dress is knee or calf length, you can add the ribbons to your shoes, take them up to your lower leg and then tie attractive knots with them in the front, for everyone to see!

Painted Designs…
Want to attract the attention of all the invitees to your feet? Simply have a few unique designs painted on your white shoes in some bright color! You can either get it done by a friend who is good at painting or you can do it yourself by using stencils. Paint designs that are so you – fairies, butterflies, stars, paint anything or any symbol close to your heart!

Add feathers in different colors to your shoes. Stick a few in the front and some at the back, near the heel. The feathers can make the shoe look heavy, so consider this embellishment for a winter wedding or for a traditional wedding at the church.

Clip-on Accessories…
These days, there are clip-on accessories available, which are especially designed to enhance the look of wedding shoes. These accessories can be added to the straps of your shoes, to the toes and near the heel as well. You have a wide variety of designs and shapes in clip-on accessories to choose from. Flowers, hearts, stars – choose any shape and make your shoes attractive.

Silk Flowers…
Get a few flowers stitched in silk fabric and stick them on your shoes. Choose the same flowers as those you have selected for your wedding bouquet. Or get the flowers stitched in the same fabric color as is used in most of your wedding decorations. Stick these flowers on your wedding shoes, to lend them an airy, natural and spring feel.

Apart from decorating your wedding shoes, you should also choose the perfect one. So, when selecting shoes for your wedding, see to it that they are comfortable and weather/venue appropriate. For instance, do not go in for high-heeled shoes for a beach wedding as they will make you feel very uncomfortable. Also, once you have selected and decorated your wedding shoes, walk in them for a few days in your house, to get comfortable. This will ensure that you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, without any worries, in your beautiful shoes!