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How to Choose Wedding Shoes

“Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world” – Bette Midler

Women have a strange relationship with their shoes. On a gloomy day, give the woman a pair of sexy high heels and all her blues will vanish into thin air! Since shoes can have such an impact on a woman’s psyche, she should think ten times when buying a pair for the happiest day of her life i.e. her wedding day. Everything, right from look to color to feel of the wedding shoes has to be perfect. The shoes should be such that they enhance the beauty of her dress and at the same time, make her so comfortable that she can truly enjoy her special day!

Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Shoe

Fashion and style, if you thought that these are the only two criteria for choosing wedding shoes, think again! You would need a whole lot of common sense to go with it, when selecting your wedding shoes. So, here is tip number one for selecting the perfect bridal shoe, look at the wedding venue and the weather in which the wedding is taking place. For instance, if it’s an outdoor wedding in the summers, strappy sandals would be a good choice and that too minus the pencil heels, as they might dig into the ground, making you uncomfortable while walking! On the other hand, if the wedding is in winters, closed shoes, which protect your feet from the cold, will be the ideal choice. Peep toes are one option that can go in any weather.

The kind of wedding that you have planned is an important criteria in determining your wedding shoes too. For instance, if you have planned a beach wedding or are having a casual affair, flip flops, which today are available in plethora of designs and colors, will suit your wedding dress. On the other hand, if you are having a formal wedding, at the church or at a banquet, go in for classy, elegant, high-heeled shoes or sandals.

Next, consider your wedding gown. Here, one very important tip is that when you are deciding on your wedding gown, take a pair of shoes which have the same heel lengths as the shoes that you plan to wear at the wedding. This will unsure that the shoes fit in nicely with the wedding dress. Secondly, when you set out for shoe shopping, carry a sample of your wedding gown fabric with you, so that the shoe color matches exactly with your wedding dress color. Remember, all white shades are not the same! Another thing to look for is the kind of embellishments that are there on the gown. If the gown is too lacy or has a lot of embroidery, crystals, etc. on it, go in for plain looking (yet smart) shoes, to even out the effect. However, if the wedding gown is slightly simple, go for fancy shoes with embellishments, to spice up the overall look!

Last, but not the least, choose the material of the shoes carefully. If you want a different kind of look, go in for leather shoes. If you want to look all feminine, get shoes made in fabrics such as silk, velvet, satin and lace. When choosing the fabric, see to it that it complements your wedding gown. The material of the hemlines will help you decide the fabric of your shoes. For instance, if the hemlines have lace on them, shoes made from the same would gel with it. On the other hand, if the wedding dress is made from a soft, shiny material, satin shoes would look more appealing.

Here’s hoping that with these tips, you will have a pair, which will make you feel desirable, happy and sexy, on the most special day of your life. One last tip before I sign off – walk in your wedding shoes a couple of times, before your wedding. This will ensure that you get used to them and there are no surprises or glitches on the D day!

Stylish and Fashionable Orthopedic Shoes

Footwear has always been an important element of a perfect attire. Giving that final touch to your look is exactly what a right pair of footwear does. But many a time, we experience pain in the foot even after a small walk. This may be due to some minor or severe problem in your foot. In case the problem continues for a few days, your orthopedic doctor might recommend you to opt for orthopedic shoes. Well, orthopedic shoes are corrective footwear that are useful for individuals having problems like flat feet, tired feet, heel pain, corns, athlete’s feet, bunions, etc.

Orthopedic shoes offer extra support and comfort ensuring that your feet stay problem-free even while you wear them for a longer duration. This corrective footwear helps stimulate blood flow, provides arch and heel support and has many more such benefits. Let me tell you that people of any age group can wear these shoes. Men can choose from a wide variety of classy orthopedic footwear and women can don a trendy look with the fashionable orthopedic shoes.

Stylish Orthopedic Shoes For Men

Men usually complain about fewer options available in stylish yet decent-looking footwear as compared to the collection of women’s footwear. Just have a look at the collection of stylish and fashionable orthopedic shoes for men in stores or on online shopping websites and you are sure to get surprised over the range of options available in the same. Patterns in orthopedic shoes mentioned below have good arch support for flat feet problem and metatarsal support for treating metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot). Apart from these, each style has an added feature to offer complete comfort. Here are the details of options in stylish orthopedic shoes for men.

Adjustable Strap Shoes
As the name suggests, these shoes have adjustable straps which offer added adjustability feature to achieve the perfect fit. These are also the perfect ones for those men who like easy on and off style of footwear. You can choose from slip-ons, sandals or shoes having adjustable straps. Most of the pieces are suitable for casual wear. You can look for monk strap dress shoes which have elastic on both sides of the opening to ensure comfort fit along with features like arch support and contoured heels.

Athletic Shoes
These shoes mainly include the slip-resistant and shock absorption feature, apart from other features like arch support and heel cushioning, hence, making them ideal for running, walking and any athletic activity. These are light weight and their outer sole is designed to give a nice grip while carrying out any such activity. These shoes have speed lacing and locking toggle which is useful for easy adjustment and getting a perfect fit.

Casual Shoes
Here’s a type of footwear, with which men can experiment a lot, in terms of style and look. Going well with the casual wear, these are completely trendy and rich. Attractive, yet elegant design makes them a perfect pick for office casual wear. Casual orthopedic shoes are available with or without lace, have extra high arch support, wide foot and a medium-sleek design. You can find these in materials like soft leather, hard leather, suede leather and canvas. You also have many options in terms of color. Some shoes have metallic hooks for lacing or attractive stitch patterns on the top surface, making them extremely modish.

Fashionable Orthopedic Shoes for Women

Women have always been addicted to jazzy, chic and elegant-looking footwear. Many women think that orthopedic shoes are not-so-attractive and wearing one will give a dull look to their attire. Don’t worry, because you have a wide range of attractive orthopedic shoes in the lot so that you can wear an extremely adorable look. Some of them are mentioned below.

You can choose from sandals with adjustable or non-adjustable straps. While some have unicolored and plain foot-beds, some have polka dots, stripes or floral prints on the bed that give a feminine look to the piece. These flats are different from the regular ones. With features like arch support, light weight mid-sole and extra padding at the foot-bed these deliver the required walking comfort. These features make a perfect pair of shoes which matches the shape of your foot, giving it total comfort.

These are the comfortable and funky orthopedic shoes which keep your feet pain-free even after walking or standing for long hours. The specially designed outer sole gives a grip while walking on slippery floors and wet surfaces. You can also pick one from the highly durable pieces made of rubber. These are the best ones to be worn while gardening, on beaches and during the rains. Since they are available in rainbow colors, you can pick your favorite piece for the season.

Dress Shoes
A decent pair of shoes is a must for finishing your formal attire. Dress shoe is a perfect package of classy colors, comfy feel and subtle looks. You can choose from white, black, brown, beige or navy blue colors to complement your outfit. You also have options like stretchable material and removable inserts in the dress shoe. Let me tell you that orthopedic dress shoes do not have high heels and pointed toes. You can pick from flat dress shoes or lovely ballet flats which make good pairs for formal occasions.

With the trendy options in orthopedic shoes, you will definitely enjoy wearing them throughout the day. Get your doctor’s prescription and opt for shoes that are suitable for your foot problem. You can find the aforementioned designs in stores selling orthopedic footwear or on websites selling orthopedic footwear. Online shopping is a good idea in this case as you have a range of options to choose from. Just make sure that you have the right dimensions as prescribed by your doctor while placing an order for the same. Opting for custom-made shoes is also a good idea as you will get to wear a pair that is rightly designed for your problem. Firm and deep contoured heels, rigid shanks, wide toes, removable inner soles, arch support, extra padded foot-bed and many more such features are available in orthopedic shoes. Check them out and get ready to flaunt the comfy, stylish and fashionable orthopedic shoes.

Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

Plantar fasciitis and bone spurs in feet are both painful foot conditions. Pain is not the only thing that is common between these two foot conditions, one must know that both of these conditions can be caused due to wearing ill-fitting footwear. It is therefore, extremely important that we stop looking at shoes as a fashion accessory and buy shoes that provide proper arch support, instead of donning fashionable shoes that put a lot of stress on the heel bone. In this article, we will find out why one may suffer from plantar fasciitis or bone spurs in heel due to wearing ill-fitting footwear along with tips on buying the right type of shoes that may help to prevent plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

Can Poorly-fitted Shoes Cause Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is associated with the inflammation of plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue that stretches along the sole of the foot. Plantar fascia not only provides support to the arch, it also facilitates shock absorption. Usually, over-stretching of this ligament occurs as a result of indulging in strenuous physical activities that involve the feet. One of the most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis is heel pain. The pain is felt the most when one lands the foot on the ground in the morning. Since plantar fascia gets tightened while one is asleep, the sudden movement causes stretching of the ligament as one takes the first few steps.

While structural foot abnormalities such as high arches or fallen arches can make one more susceptible to plantar fasciitis, wearing old worn-out shoes can also cause stress to the plantar fascia. Wearing high-heeled shoes can also stretch the ligament beyond the tolerable limits and cause inflammation. Those suffering from plantar fasciitis are also at an increased risk of developing heel spurs. Heel spurs, also known as osteophytes, are abnormal bony outgrowths that may develop along the edges of the heel bone. Heel spurs form when the plantar fascia starts pulling at the heel bone or gets torn due to excessive stress. The formation of a bony protrusion is the body’s way of adjusting to the pulling forces. If the heel spurs start impinging on any of the surrounding nerves or the tissues, one is likely to suffer from pain. Since wearing ill-fitting footwear may cause both of these painful foot conditions, it is extremely important that one buys the best quality plantar fasciitis shoes that would prevent any further inflammation.

Shoes for Providing Relief from Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs surely affect one’s ability to move about freely. So, make sure that the heel bone or other structures in the feet are not subject to excessive stress. A person who has been diagnosed with these conditions must always wear shoes that are specifically designed for providing relief from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. This is the best way to support the arch of the foot. These days, various footwear manufacturers have come up with shoes that not only provide support to the arch, but also have cushioned padding so as to facilitate proper shock absorption. New Balance, Earth, Chaco, Birkenstock, Mephisto and Dansko are some of the brands that offer such supportive shoes for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. Nowadays, one can easily get hold of walking shoes, running shoes or even dress shoes that are specially designed for people diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.

While buying shoes for yourself, make sure that you don’t make the decision on the visual appeal of the shoes. Buy shoes that not only fit you well, but also have other added features enabling improved arch support. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you could even buy good quality orthotic shoe inserts. It is also essential that any structural foot abnormality one may be suffering from is considered while one goes shopping for footwear. One can check out custom-made orthopedic shoes that are specifically designed as per one’s size. Features such as removable heel pads, cushioning and wide toe boxes can also help to prevent other foot problems such as corns, calluses or bunions. There is a great need to provide support to all parts of the foot. The best footwear is the one that not only provides support to the arch, but also supports the heel and ball of the foot.

While donning supportive shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spur relief would definitely make you feel better, it’s essential that your feet don’t reel under your body’s weight. Feet carry our entire weight throughout the day, so, make sure that you keep a tab on your body weight as well.

How to Clean Uggs

Ugg boots have become popular luxury and high fashion items and every fashionista longs to own a pair. These boots are made of sheepskin and fleece and they are not only high on comfort, but are stylish and chic as well. The term ugg comes from the word ‘ugly’. As the inside of these boots are lined with fleece, they are ideal for keeping your feet warm during the winters. As with any other footwear, ugg boots are also prone to dirt, stains and normal wear and tear. Although they are very cozy and comfortable, these boots require very high maintenance and regular cleaning if you want to enjoy wearing them for many years. To retain the beauty of your uggs, here is a guide on how to clean uggs.

How to Clean Ugg Boots at Home

If you are attempting to clean a pair of ugg boots at home, then let me tell you that it can be a bit dicey. If you use the wrong cleaning products or the wrong techniques for cleaning your boots, you risk damaging them. Commercial Ugg cleaners are available in the market, but they can be a bit on the expensive side. So, if your budget does not permit you to opt for commercial ugg cleaning products, you can utilize household products to clean your ugg boots. Given below is the list of things required for cleaning ugg boots, followed by the procedure.

Things required
Baking powder
Plastic Container
Suede brush
Cold water
Paper napkins
Good quality leather cleaner
First scrap off all dirt and grime from your ugg boots with a suede brush. This will ensure that you get rid of all the dried mud and dirt.
When all superficial dirt has been removed, lightly moisten the outer surface of the boots with cold water.
Make sure that at no point of time you immerse the boots fully in water. This will damage the inner lining of the boots and make them lose their shape and become lumpy.
Next, mix equal parts of leather cleaner with water in a small container. Dip a piece of clean sponge in this mixture and wipe the boots with it.
If the mixture in the container turns excessively dirty, throw away this mixture and make another batch of cleaner by diluting the leather cleaner with water.
Once you have done this, again dampen a sponge and wipe the boots to take out all traces of the cleaner.
Take some paper napkins, stuff them in your boots and put them out to dry. The paper napkins stuffed inside the boots will help them retain their shape.
Now place the boots in a dry and dark place to dry. Avoid drying your ugg boots in direct sunlight as it might lead to discoloration, fading and cracking.
Ideally the boots should be left to dry for twenty-four hours, but if you are in a hurry and need to wear them, you can dry them with the help of a hairdryer, set at a medium setting.
When your boots are fully dry, you will need to deodorize them. Mix 3 tablespoons of cornflour with 3 tablespoons of baking powder and sprinkle them inside the boots. The baking powder will absorb unpleasant odor, if any. If you like, you can also spray the inside of your boots with your favorite perfume.

How to Clean Uggs with Vinegar

Ugg boots can also be cleaned with the help of vinegar if you do not want to use leather cleaning agents. For this you need to make a mixture of 4 tablespoons of vinegar with 5 tablespoons of water. First dampen the exterior portion of your ugg boots with cold water, then with the help of a clean sponge, apply the vinegar mixture on the boots. Once you have applied this vinegar mixture on the boots, let it dry for 5 – 6 minutes. In another bowl, pour some water; take a fresh sponge and rub your boots once again to remove the cleaner. You can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to get rid of any tough stains on your boots. Put some old newspapers inside the boots and let them dry for a whole day.

The most important thing to remember if you want to clean uggs without ruining them is, never to put your uggs inside a washing machine or dryer. Uggs should only be hand washed or you might damage the delicate material of your ugg boots. Though expensive, there are cleaning products available in the market that are specially designed to clean ugg boots. When you wear your ugg boots after cleaning them, you might find them to be a bit snug and tight. Do not worry as they will stretch back when you wear them. If you follow these instructions on cleaning uggs, you will be able to enjoy your pricey ugg boots for several years to come.