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Running Shoes for Flat Feet


You must have noticed, read, or even heard that the soles of our feet touch the ground in various ways. This means, some people, while running or walking, touch their feet from side-to-side; the tilt of our feet is different. Some people notice that the inside, the arch of their feet touches the ground, and for others, it’s a different scenario, the outer edge of their feet touches the ground. This difference depends on the pronation, or in other words, the rotation of the feet while development. Before talking about the shoes, let’s first see what pronation actually means.


Most people with flat feet are considered to be overpronators. So it is required that you understand pronation before you get to the running shoes for flat feet. Overpronation means that while running the feet roll inwards. In fact, they will roll inwards while walking, as well. There are basically 3 types of overpronation:
Severe Overpronation ~ In this condition the heel will hit the ground first and the foot will roll inwards. The entire shock is taken by the heel and the ankle cannot balance the foot. There are major chances of accidents and injuries due to excess pressure and stress.
Mild Overpronation ~ In this condition, the heel hits the ground first. However, the inward rolling of the foot is relatively less. The ankle cannot balance the foot completely. There are chances of injuries and accidents in this case, as well.
Neutral Pronation ~ This condition means that there is perfect pronation. This is a very rare case for flat footed people.
Now that we have a clear idea as to what you are supposed to be looking for, while purchasing running shoes, we shall now move on to the specific requirements for men and women.

What to Look For

As a general idea, keep these points in mind when you are searching for running shoes at your favorite store.
The Chosen One ~ These shoes will be specifically marked flat feet. You need to specifically ask for running shoes for flat feet. They mostly come in a different range.
Added Support ~ Mostly, these running shoes will be with “added support”. They will clearly state on the packing that they have added support. One needs to keep an eye out for that, as flat feet require more support as compared to others.
Single Layer ~ Most running shoes come with several layers of padding for comfort. However, these running shoes will have a single layer of padding and not much curvature. This is to keep the overpronation in consideration, as well.
Balancing Act ~ As overpronation leads to improper balance, the running shoes for flat-footed people will help you maintain the right balance. They will provide the right support, so that the ankle also stays in balance. So, when buying, keep an eye out for the balance.

Women’s Shoes

Weight Loss ~ The running shoes for women, needs to be as lightweight as possible. This is, simply to make sure that undue pressure is not put on the feet or the leg muscles.
Shock Factor ~ There needs to be appropriate shock absorption in the running shoes for flat feet. This is because, due to overpronation, most of the shock is taken by the heel, leading to injury. As such, the shoe should help in absorbing the shock and prevent injuries.
Ventilation ~ It is mostly preferable to have some breathing space in the shoes, to avoid suffocation. Women often face skin allergies due to suffocation of the feet. So, these shoes should give some breathing space, so that the skin is saved from allergies.
Cushioning ~ Due to overpronation, the feet often feel a lot pressure on the ankle and heel. The running shoes need to have adequate cushioning and added support. This helps to ‘cushion the blow’ and relieve some of the unneeded pressure.

Men’s Shoes

Right Weight ~ The running shoes for men need not be lightweight as such, however, it is strongly suggested that you don’t go for heavy running shoes for flat feet. Many brands have heavy weighted shoes. Avoid these shoes as they may put undue pressure on the leg, in general.
Pronation Specific ~ As overpronation is more severe for men, the running shoe for flat feet must be appropriate for the feet pronation type. This should help avoid accidents and injuries.
Support System ~ As men prefer a more stringent running schedule, running shoes need to provide comfort and support. Again, this will help balance the shock and the pressure.
So Sweat! ~ Men tend to sweat more at the feet, especially, if they are runners. So, the running shoes for flat feet need to have breathing space for men. This is required to avoid sweating as far as possible and avoid skin problems that it might cause.
Companies like Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, and FILA have a wide range of shoes that cater specifically to people with flat feet. While running, whether on a treadmill or outdoors, if you don’t have the right shoes on, you are taking a huge risk with your health. Your feet need to be protected at all times; avoiding any twists and turns that may occur. So be sure to follow the advice mentioned in this article and ask for suggestions while at the store as well. Take care of your feet; they’ll reward you for your concern.

Advantages of Orthopedic Shoes for Toddlers

When kids learn to toddle they do not know the right way to step. They tumble, get up and try to walk again. To assist them in the learning phase of walking, you need to buy the right type of shoes for your baby so that they do not hurt their heels. Also known as corrective shoes, they are manufactured by reputed shoe manufacturing companies. Such shoes render comfort to children while playing, walking or performing any kind of activities.


Orthopedic shoes are not only beneficial for infants but also for children of all age group. The anatomy of feet is affected quite a lot by the shoes kids wear. Wearing the right kind of shoes, avoids any kind of problems associated with feet and toes. Orthopedic shoes for infants have perfect shape that provide immense comfort to their tender feet. The following points shall let you know the advantages of buying these shoes for your kids.

Foot Development
Children’s feet need proper support, so that formation of bones takes place in the correct way. Wearing inappropriate shoes gives rise to various kinds of foot disorders like hammer toes, heel pain and bunions. Toe deformities were much higher among older children who commit the mistake of experimenting with fancy stuff. Heavy shoes with heels cause damage to the heels. Orthopedic shoes for children help to overcome such problems.

High Arch
High arch is one of the characteristic feature of orthopedic shoes for kids. Parents often complain that their child has flat feet or low arch. This condition is actually mistaken for incorrect assumption. The problem basically arises due to regular use of shoes having minimal arching. Thus, try out the shoes with good arch support to get rid of foot problems like flat feet or club feet.

Shoe Soles
There are three kinds of soles embedded inside a shoe. Insole is the interior bottom of the shoe that lies directly under the feet. The foot beds are usually made up of cellulose paper or sometimes with extra cushions. Health shoes provide foot positioning features and prevents accumulation of moisture and odor. The layer that has direct contact with the ground is known as outsole. Health shoes offer maximum grip and have multiple soles attached, so that the feet are not hurt while walking, running or playing. Shock absorption is the function of the midsole that is placed between the insole and outsole. These features are provided in the premium brand for orthopedic shoes for babies, toddlers or children.

Heel and Vamp
Custom-made orthopedic shoes have wonderful shapes, offering comfort to the frontal and back portion of the feet. The upper part is known as the vamp, that holds the shoe onto the foot. Closed footwear have spacious vamps lending enough comfort for placing the fingers. The bottom part or the heel of the shoes are made of the same material as the outsole. Cushioned heels are highly comfortable and help to prevent injuries during vigorous feet movements.

Pure leather shoes are the best orthopedic shoes for toddlers. Today, stylish and fashionable shoes are being manufactured by various companies without compromising their comfort zone. These shoes are also useful for regular use. You can buy such kinds for your kids going to schools or engaged in sports. Shoes having kiddie designs look very cute on toddlers. Medical shoes have evolved with fancy get up and they render a cool look. Most importantly, you have to check for the correct fit, size and then purchase them.

Effective and Comfortable Wading Boots Don’t Have to Be Expensive

Late spring and summer fishing gives anglers the opportunity to shed their heavy waders and cool off while fishing. Most breathe a sigh of relief when they can stop doubling up on thermal layers beneath heavy waders, and enjoy getting wet in their favorite creeks and rivers. But to do so, one must have at least some of the right gear. For most anglers, this means a pair of wading boots―often the same that they pair with their stocking-foot waders during the earlier spring and fall months. Get rid of the waders in favor of some neoprene booties and you’re good to go.

While most anglers want to be properly geared up for their favorite hobby, not all are blessed with an unlimited budget. Field and Stream magazine recently did a review of studded, rubber-soled wading boots, giving readers some insight into boots that ranged in price from $100 to $200. While even $100 may seem a bit steep for some, effective wading boots can be one of the most important pieces of gear for fun summer fishing. Before talking about the various options out there, it is important to note that there is currently a big change coming in wading boots.

While those who have long been wading in their favorite fishing hotspots are well aware of felt-soled boots as a great option to improve footing on rocks and other submerged items, recent environmental concerns are increasingly turning anglers away from felt. It turns out that the felt (and polypropylene) bottom waders soak up and then transport invasive species that are invisible to the naked eye. The result is that harmful microorganisms that live in one body of water can be then moved to another body of water, causing potentially devastating consequences.

Already, Alaska has banned felt soles on wading boots, and Vermont, Maryland, and other states are considering a similar ban. Trout Unlimited is taking the issue so seriously that the organization has asked that manufacturers stop making boots with felt and polypro soles. Because of this movement, Field and Stream’s recent reviews included only studded, rubber soled boots. The boots reviewed included Cabela’s Guidewear Pro Rubber Soles, Chota Caney Forks, Korkers Guides, Orvis River Guard Ultralight, and Simms Guide. As with most fishing gear made by Simms, their boots were the most expensive of the group, at $200. For those worried that you really don’t get much extra for the money, the Simms boots were the highest-rated in the group, though all performed well.

For those who have little choice, however, than to spend less than $100 or to keep using their old felt-soled boots until they fall apart, there are other, less expensive options. Going lower in price may mean a bit less traction and a bit less comfort, but when there are no other options―and, let’s face it, we all need to fish―spending a bit less will be the way to go. Cabela’s, though providing the least expensive pair of boots in the F&S review at $100, actually makes studded boots in their ‘Ultralight’ line for just $59.99. Speaking from experience, Cabela’s generally produces very good equipment, even in the lower price ranges, and I would generally not hesitate to recommend their products. Otherwise, checking out end-of-summer sales at your favorite outdoor store, whether Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, or any other of the larger stores, is a sure way to be able to get a good pair of boots for less. As long as you can find footwear in your size, late summer prices on boots that will be discontinued for the coming fall season could land you a deal.

Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Are you suffering from acute heel pain in the foot? Is your heel looking red and swollen? If you are showing these symptoms, you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This is a disease in which the base of the foot becomes inflamed. It may be due to a sports injury or a stress injury. There is intense pain in the morning while taking the first few steps. It is mostly found in athletes but, it can also affect people with a high Body Mass Index (B.M.I.) and those who are not engaged in physical activity. The high BMI puts constant pressure on the feet, leading to swelling and pain. Treatment consists of therapies using specifically designed splints, braces, arch support, insoles, bandages and shoes. The surgery involves many risks. Hence, exercises and stretches can prove to be very useful in the treatment. Thus, you need to use good shoes specially designed for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. Shoes meant to correct the condition help in reducing the irritation and pain due to inflammation.

Specifications for Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Plantar fasciitis is usually caused due to shoes not having a proper fit. One should always wear the right kind of shoes to prevent plantar fasciitis. Shoes should be comfortable. They help in reducing pain, thus enabling a person to engage himself in his daily activities. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause various problems.

Precise Arch Support
You need to use the best shoes for plantar fasciitis because correct arch support is very essential for healing and to get relief from acute pain. Shoes with solid arch support and orthotics are necessary in case of running shoes. Arch support depends on the person’s foot arch (a person can have a flat arch or a high arch). It also depends on the way a person walks. One can consult a podiatrist to find out if there are any irregularities in his/her gait. The podiatrist might recommend orthotics customized to suit a particular person’s requirements. People with a deviant way of walking can opt for special motion controlled shoes for plantar fasciitis, which will restrict the flexibility of movements and reduce the stress. It will also help the person to walk in a correct manner.

Good Padding
Another important factor while selecting shoes is that it should have proper cushioning. Shoes that lack cushioning can add to strain on the plantar fascia. It should have the essential filling or padding around the heels, in the forepart and the middle area. If you want to wear footwear with heels, then low to moderate is the choice.

Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis are ones which suit the needs of an individual and feel comfortable during the training sessions. They can be used for exercises to gain positive results.

It is advisable to use proper shoes because running or walking involves strenuous movements. You can consult a physiotherapist to know the kind of motion control needed. Running shoes for plantar fasciitis provide special structural support around the heel which is not found in normal running shoes. They also have an inbuilt scientific technique to deal with pain. Some shoes do not have any supplementary devices, but instead, have an inbuilt mechanism in the sole which treats the problem. But, these shoes are very costly with a limited number of designs and styles. Plantar fasciitis shoes provide the necessary acupressure in the painful area, stretching it and thereby reducing pain and swelling.

Orthotic Shoe Inserts: They are cheaper compared to the shoes themselves. They can be inserted in the shoe like any other sole. But be careful while buying these shoe inserts as there are many manufacturers for them and you might end up buying the one which makes false claims of giving comfort and support. Orthotic shoe inserts have special features to reduce heel pain but they are not useful for treating the condition in the long run. Night splints can also help in healing and reducing pain.

There are certain brands with precise pair of running shoes that suit the needs of people suffering from plantar fasciitis. They include Nike, Brooks and Saucony to name a few. You can try and check out to see if any of the running shoes are comfortable enough to fit your requirement.

Plantar fasciitis shoes should be used according to the requirements of a particular individual. Keeping in mind that you have to cure your ailment, you will eventually end up buying the right shoe pair. It cannot completely cure the condition, but can definitely help reduce the pain and inflammation. Also, do check out other stores to compare and contrast so that you get your best deal.

Corrective Shoes for Children

Parents are anxious about the health and overall growth of their child. They tend to show concern at the slightest sign of any abnormal behavior in their children, with reference to their eating habits, their digestive system, the way they walk, run, talk, morale of the child, and even about familiarizing their child with the newly appointed nanny. As a result, if the child walks or runs in a distinctive style, parents suspect abnormality or foot problems, which in most cases is neither. Yet some children have flat feet, bowed feet, clubbed feet, out-toeing or in-toeing feet. These are indeed common problems, associated with children. In such cases, a pediatrician or orthopedic prescribes corrective shoes that help correct the problem that aids in normal foot growth. However, when you are out to buy shoes for your child, there are certain factors that you must keep in mind.
What Can You Do for Your Child’s Optimum Foot Development
Your child’s feet takes a considerable period to develop well, so that, as they grow, they do not endure disturbances while walking or running. The best way to avert the possibilities in children; of them developing a clumsy gait, is to let them walk barefoot most of the time. Research supports that during child’s feet development years, the footwear you buy for your child, plays a vital role. The footwear administered at this stage of development, has the potential to cause imbalances in the gait, along with chronic back pain and other deformities that causes unnecessary stress on parts of the foot. A research paper conducted by Caleb Wegener et al. hailing from the University of Sydney, Australia, claim to have studied how shoes may affect the “gait of children” and that children gather a tendency to take longer strides while walking or running. They suggest that shoes must be designed and manufactured mimicking the comfort, gait and flexibility that walking on barefoot may provide. Moreover, the overall weight of the shoe is also a factor worth a mention. Thus, parents must pay attention and consciously select shoes that deliver a comfortable gait.
Corrective Shoes for Kids

When you have to select corrective shoes for your child to free them of slight foot deformities, you must look into certain common factors before you choose one. Pick the pair only if:
Your child is comfortable with the shoes and feels comfortable even whilst walking around for trial.
There is enough room for the toe, and the little finger does not get crouched with pressure.
The anterior section of the shoe is rounded and has room to accommodate the toes comfortably.
Avoid buying shoes that have a pointed or receding shoe box.
The heel should not be hurt due to the posterior section of the shoe.
The shoes should not sport heels. Slight heels are ideal for an occasion, however, buying shoes that have high heels should be discouraged.
Features of Custom-made Corrective Shoes
Corrective shoes, also known as orthopedic shoes for toddlers, is a pair employed to counter any deformity in the child’s feet. Orthopedic shoes are available for children as well as adults. Orthopedic shoes for toddlers are beneficial to counter troubles such as clubbed feet, out-toeing, in-toeing, bowed feet and flat feet. They are available in the market as well. If the buy has helped your child and you have noticed improvement, there is no need to visit a physician. However, it is when the severity of the condition increases, that a physician has to be informed. There are custom-made shoes prescribed by a podiatrist or a physician. Foot troubles may gradually recede as the child grows, however if your child complains of pain and discomfort due to any of the above-mentioned foot conditions, custom-made corrective shoes would be prescribed.
Slip-resistant Soles

Slip-resistant or skid-resistant soles, thereby prevent falls, also promising comfort while your child is walking or running. With slip resistance, the shoes are custom-made with a straight last so that children who are pigeon-toed may have the twist in their foot corrected. The soles of a good corrective shoe pair should be flexible, by this, I do not mean the sole has to be soft, not bearing the weight resulting in cracks and stunted shoe shape. The flexibility of the soles lies in the spatial mobility that it provides to the foot. It could become very painful if the shoes restrict the child from moving his feet comfortably, thereby causing the foot to get scratched by the ankle which results in causing sores and pain in the heel, leading to excessive pain and discomfort.
Shoe Bars
Shoe bars or splints are devices that can be maneuvered through while the child is standing or walking. They are adjustable mechanical devices that correct the positioning of the foot. Friedman Bar is a bar made predominantly of leather. It is a mechanical bar that can be adjusted and attached at the rear end of the heels to correct in-toeing and out-toeing. A type of splint called the Gottler Splint is placed in the corrective shoe to position the foot and thereby control in-toeing.

Corrective shoes are flexible; and they are flexible at the right place. The anterior part of the shoe should be pressed and slightly folded. The toe box is also made rounded and has enough room for your child to move his feet. The podiatrist may also prescribe scaphoid pads to be inserted in the orthopedic shoes for toddlers. Scaphoid pads can be inserted to make the shoe soles softer to reduce the pain that occurs due to bowed feet or clubbed feet.
Heel Size and Inclusion of Wedges
The heel size does matter. They may have heels, however, the heels are slight. Excessive heels could force your child to strain your foot or force him/her to walk on his/her toes. An ideal corrective shoe feature is the distribution of body weight throughout the surface of the shoe, so that the concentration is not laid on a specific foot site. Also with the installation of wedges on the outsides of the shoe; it may help to correct out-toeing. Medial and lateral Dutchman are one of the most important and helpful wedges placed on the exteriors of the soles correcting out-toeing. The wedges do not come in direct contact with the foot; they are on the contrary, placed on the margins of the shoe.
Heel Cushions

Heel cushions may also be placed to make shoes comfortable. It is made of a compressible material that cushions the heel and does not exert undue pressure on the heel, thereby distributing weight evenly throughout the surface area of the foot.
Arch Support

A comfortable arch support is an important inclusion in custom-made corrective shoes for flat feet. Make sure that the shoes have arches that are flexible and can support children’s weight along with the rough and tough activities that they pursue. With a good arch support, flat feet can be corrected to a large extent, thereby also reducing the pain. An adequate arch support can also correct in-toeing. The podiatrist may also prescribe shoes that have longitudinal medial counters that are made of firm leather that increase the arch support to correct flat feet. It is an internal shoe modification device that is also helpful in correcting the slant caused by in-toeing.
Even after buying and using custom-made corrective shoes, your child continues to complains of foot problems like leg aches, ankle stubbornness, it is imperative that you consult a medical expert who may be able to suggest some other remedies or treatment methods to improve the condition in question.

Tips When Looking for Both Comfort and Style

Years ago, many women thought that flat wedding shoes would not be perfect for their special day. This fashion was considered boring and out of fashion. But it is quite different now since there are lots of flat shoes in the market that are stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Why do most brides prefer flat bridal shoes? The best explanation is because they find flat shoes more comfortable to wear especially during a wedding where they are required to stand up longer.

Below are some things you need to remember when shopping for the perfect pair of flat bridal shoes:

Designs and Fabrics – You will need to determine the type of wedding you want. Certainly, your wedding gown and wedding shoes should always match the theme of your wedding. If you are worried that people might laugh seeing you wearing flat shoes, then don’t. You can look for strappy and sexy sandals to match your wedding dress. It can either have rhinestones, beads or laces depending on the wedding gown you are going to wear. Check the bottom of the gown. For instance, if the gown has laces then consider lacy flats.
Color – The general rule is to always choose wedding shoes that are of the same color or a bit darker than your dress. Avoid choosing bridal shoes that are brighter than you gown.
Length of the Wedding Gown – If you are going to wear a long wedding gown, then you might want to consider buying two pairs of wedding shoes, one that is flat and a high-heeled.
Additional Tips:

1. Where to shop for flat wedding shoes?

Boutiques – There are lots of malls and shops you can check out. There are even well-known designers producing flat shoes for weddings.
Online – If you don’t like to shop around and visit boutiques personally, you can find websites that offer wedding needs such as wedding shoes.
2. You can ask friends and family members for suggestions and recommendations. You can also ask them to help you design your own wedding shoes. You can even purchase simple flip-flop shoes and design them to your own liking. You can add stones and laces to make it more elegant and stylish. All you need is pure imagination and creativeness.

3. Last but not the least, make sure to wear your shoes at home to help you get used to them. It is also best to bring your flats to your final gown fitting. Just like your wedding dress, you might also need to make some changes or adjustments before your big day.

With these tips in mind, you will find the task of looking for the perfect flat wedding shoes easier than you expected. Keep in mind that flat shoes are also perfect for special occasions such as your own wedding day. You just need to be creative to come up with a fashionable solution.

Buying Winter Clothing Winter Coats and Boots for Women

Not everyone is crazy about the cold, dry, winters. And when it comes to waking up in the morning and getting dressed for work, school, or any other errands, it sure makes us want to curl back inside the soft, warm bed. However, that attitude can be changed in a jiffy when you have sexy and appealing winter clothes. When you know you can look your best every time, why not make it worth it. With coats and stylish boots, you can easily turn your wardrobe into a style statement. So, if you would like to make this transformation soon, read the rest of the article to get all the details.


Winter clothing can never be complete without the mention of boots. Although you may think that winter may not offer you too much flexibility as far as footwear is concerned, this may not always hold true. Black winter boots always remain to be the favorite amongst most fashion savvy women. Cowboy boots add to the sensuous factor for your entire ensemble. Ankle length boots that are paired with skinny jeans make a hot combo for a dull and dreary winter day. If this tends to be too jazzy for you, then you can go in for casual shoes like slouch boots or UGG boots. These come with low or no heels and look fabulous when teamed with skirts. A good pair of shoes can help you alter your clothing to a great extent. To help you find the right pair for yourself, take a look at the images given below.


Winter coats look classy, elegant, stylish, and sexy. Women’s winter jackets are designed to insulate you from the biting cold outside. Available in different lengths sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors, you can play around with different styles and find one that can best suit all your different looks. Although the only answer to battle the chills is considered to be numerous layering, one can check features such as fake fur trimmings and tight, snug fits that can keep you warm and not let any air from outside, enter the coat. Women’s winter coats can be long or short and trendy. Most designs available today are such that complement the woman’s body. So, women, who tend to be on the heavier side, need not always worry about looking bulkier during the winter season. As you can see, we have provided some images of the various types of coats available in departmental stores.

Women’s winter coats are available in a variety of materials like wool, corduroy, and tweed. Look for good labels that give you the option to pick materials that best suit the weather conditions of your place. Certain women can even opt for denim winter coats, if they live in an area that experiences mild winter. This works in keeping the body warm and comfortable. These are often crafted in shorter styles that look trendy and are detailed with fur collars or even patches of leather.

Always note that the base layer of your outfit must be very effective. Women’s winter clothes should comprise materials that should allow the sweat to evaporate. For the lower half of the body, go in for pants that have a flattering cut and comprise materials like wool. This would keep you snug all day without adding too much bulk to the body. For those who love skirts, you can combine them with warm leggings. These leggings are available in numerous prints and colors to help you co-ordinate your wardrobe in the best possible way.

A Few Tips to Remember
Fashionable winter clothing is not always about wearing layers upon layers of garments. First, while buying winter clothing, ensure they are always made of warmer materials like wool or cashmere. Pick up the leading glossies for the latest patterns and trends. Choose designs that are svelte and enhance the best in you.
Make sure the coats and boots fit you just right. If they are even 1 or 2 sizes big, they can let the icy winds seep through. This is not really comfortable and you would’ve wasted your money over nothing.
Ensure you pick up some good quality thermal underwear as this helps in protection without any additional bulk on the person. This would also help you to minimize unnecessary layers.
When it comes to stockings, go in for wool and use dark shades to look on the slimmer side.
If the weather in your city is always low, as in the temperature is quite chilly, opt for a long coat and high boots. Keep the length of the coat that reach till your knees.
Whatever you choose for the day, ensure they are made from warmer materials. This would again minimize any further layers on the body.
For animal lovers, instead of wearing real fur coats (which I’m against), buy faux fur coats. They are just as stylish and comfortable, and will keep you warm enough.
Always try various outlets before you buy the ultimate winter coat. The right fit can turn your boring outfit into an exciting one.
If you don’t have too much time to fuss around buying winter clothing, ensure you get a gorgeous pashmina shawl. Add on some accessories and watch everybody sit up and take notice of the elegant new you!
Winter clothing need not always mean dull colors. Work on the texture and colors of the outfits. Go in for metallic shades to spruce up the dull blacks. Gunmetal silver and dark gold tones work for any night-out. Accessorize your winter clothing with a metallic bag for some added glitz and glamor.