Aching feet after an eventful day is a common problem. Irrespective of the type of the job, whether it requires standing on the feet or not, one might regularly experience a severe foot ache. Sometimes this might start just after a few minutes of wearing a pair of shoe and walking or standing in place. This pain could be a cause of foot problems like flat feet, athlete’s foot, bunions, calluses, corns, ingrown or thick toenail, diabetic foot, or hammertoe. Along with medications and ointments, a change in footwear is often recommended by an orthopedic doctor.

The use of orthopedic shoes is known to be an effective solution for such foot problems. These shoes help treat the problem by giving the right support to one’s foot. These shoes might seem to be a plain option for those women who are used to wearing trendy shoes. However, the manufacturers of these shoes are aware about the fashion updates regarding the shoes for women and now, one can find a range of stylish and fashionable orthopedic shoes to suit one’s attire. It has been observed that women need these shoes more than men do because they have small and very fragile feet. Using these shoes would be the right way to take care of one’s feet and hence, the overall body health.

Characteristics of the Best Orthopedic Shoes for Women

The best ones usually have hook and loop closures which enable ease of adjustment and give a perfect fit. The outer soles of such sports or running shoes are generally flared to give foot stability. These are also made of materials like polyurethane rocker that absorb shocks. These shoes usually have removable insoles. This feature basically helps remove the soles and adjust the size in case of foot swelling. The ones with a spandex stretch upper is a good choice for those looking for stretchable shoes. This gives perfect fit and ease of wearing.

Furthermore, these shoes usually have a wide and deep toe box that helps relieve toe problems. A firm heel counter and a contoured foot bed is one of the primary characteristics of these shoes. Most of these also come with a slight heel, something that women would not wish to miss out. Those with arch support and metatarsal support are the best choice for women with flat feet or metatarsalgia problems respectively. The upper part of the shoe is commonly made with breathable material and there is soft cushioning for the tongue and collar area for the ultimate comfort.

Options Available

From casual flip-flops to formal dress shoes, one has a lot of options that are available. There are choices ranging from funky pink to simple black, with fully adjustable flip-flops that help the feet relax. For a cool look, one can pair the jeans or cargos with the comfy slide-on sneakers. They also come with side to side adjustable straps on the upper part. Another option in such footwear is the light weight sandals that have adjustable straps and shock absorbing sole. If one loves walking with comfy clogs in the house or garden, then they can opt for the same in the orthopedic version. This version comes with a specially designed outer sole for an extra grip and walking comfort.

Orthopedic dress shoes come in a number of styles and one can easily find a pair to suit the dress code. From leather to canvas, these shoes are available in many colors as well. One can also find them with proper arch support and wide toe space giving optimum comfort. They are also available in a wide range of colors which include shiny black, decent white, classy cherry brown, or a matching navy blue. Though one can rarely get a pencil heel piece, a high box heels which can be used on some special occasions are available. The regular orthopedic dress shoes come in small 1-2 inches heels. Moreover, they come in amazing texture and designs. Some are also available in buckles and velcro straps for added support and adjustment.

Apart from the aforementioned varieties, one can also opt for custom orthopedic shoes that are available for women. These are basically shoes made according to the size and measurements prescribed by an orthopedic doctor. Many shops offer the services of such custom-made shoes. So, getting a suitable and perfectly sized pair of these extremely comfortable shoes might prove beneficial.

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