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The History Channel has a knack for binge-worthy reality shows — from taking us on a wild ride through the dangerous highways of Ice Road Truckers to gifting us with the wonderfully strange, gator-hunting Swamp People. Millions tune in to watch Wolfe Danielle colby from american pickers Fritz travel the country in search of hidden gems. Instead of combing auctions and flea markets, the pair digs through old warehouses, junkyards, and treasure troves that are decidedly off the beaten path.

Like any real-life business shown through the lens of a TV camera, fans have long questioned the authenticity of the show. The line between real and scripted is often a blurry one, and Pickers certainly wavers Danielle colby from american pickers the edges.

Reality television is always at least a little bit manipulated. Some shows direct with a heavier hand than others, but most fall in a purgatory between documentary and scripted show. In this regard, American Pickers is probably no different. According to a report on Killer Media Danielle colby from american pickers, it's extremely likely that cast members are asked to repeat lines in a studio. This is a common trick called "looping" or "automated dialog replacement," which is typically done when something goes wrong with the sound recording on-set i.

American Pickers has long faced scrutiny for being scripted, but it goes a lot deeper Amateur wife fucking hard ADR. Some allege that Mike Wolfe is the only actual picker on the series. Danielle colby from american pickers Masha p mpl studios on the show, Wolfe's business partner and childhood friend, Frank Fritz, was Danielle colby from american pickers fire and safety inspector for 25 years.

It was Wolfe who supposedly convinced Fritz to create a show about their work. The hallmark of American Pickers is the way Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz haggle over hidden gems, which they later flip for a mega profit. They're such notoriously great dealmakers that the internet is rife with tips about how to achieve their skills.

C'mon, don't try to pretend you don't walk into every yard sale hoping to "pick" a treasure. Unfortunately, most people probably wouldn't take Wolfe and Fritz's bait in real life. While there's no denying these two stars have some deal-cutting skills, they may not actually use their talents on their TV show. According to an IGN user whose dad supposedly communicated with the show, selling prices were discussed in advance over the phone.

There's nothing like a lawsuit to bring your true business practices to light. According to USA TodayBruce is an auctioneer whose life dream is to open a museum that depicts country life between the s and s. His interest was piqued when he saw a polarimeter, a device used in the s to measure the sugar content in alcohol, in a episode of American Pickers. Fritz reportedly sent a confirmation via text message but never followed through with the sale.

Fritz didn't cash the check, and Bruce never got his precious item. Bruce took his claim to court on the ground of breach of contract — and won. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz often uncover hidden gems in unconventional locales, like abandoned warehouses or closed-down Cracker Barrels in Middle America. You may wonder how they manage to find these low-key goldmines, but it turns out they have a lot of help. The real American pickers are arguably the show's production staff. According to Ken Young, whose Ken's Toys shop was featured on the show, locations are scouted by producers in advance of filming.

If they find a place that looks promising, they don't send out Wolfe and Fritz. Instead, they send a representative someone Young referred to as a "snoop" who looks around and decides if there's anything worth buying. Apparently, this show is also picky about its food. It's fairly common for reality shows to recreate scenes. It depends on your idea of "reality. In American Pickers, some of its so-called "reality" also involves recreated scenes.

According to Rob Dinkinsa South Carolina-based auctioneer, scenes were recreated in order for camera crews to get the perfect, TV-worthy shot. Dinkins discussed these "filming tricks" with the South Carolina Radio Network.

They've got to film you leaving the room, then they've got to film you coming into the room. All-in-all, filming the crew's visit to his old ice manufacturing plant took about 14 hours — a heck of a lot longer than Danielle colby from american pickers picker would normally Adam russo cutlerx bareback checking out knickknacks.

Danielle colby from american pickers the lengthy workday and the production embellishments, Dinkins was pleased with the result.

They took care of everything. They Ebony slut free porn prepared. Danielle colby from american pickers interesting stories have helped the show amass more than 5.

According to Rob Dinkins, a guy whose ice manufacturing plant was featured on the show, his rich backstory was probably the reason he nabbed his 15 minutes of fame. He told South Carolina Radio Network. It's the person or the story or the location that they're talking about is what makes the show interesting. Danielle Colby Cushman is a staple on American Pickersand she's known for her unique aesthetic — cat-eye makeup, tattoos she's got more than 30 Danielle colby from american pickers boho style.

The truth is, that's one of the Danielle colby from american pickers Colby was hired. In fact, Colby is a show biz veteran. She was — and still is — a professional burlesque dancer. She reportedly logs a 2-hour commute three to Mom dont want to fuck son days a week to work at Wolfe's Antique Archaeology shop Danielle colby from american pickers Nashville, and she helped open the Pickers' second shop in Music City.

She also owns her own store called 4 Miles to Memphis. So, while Colby may have started as a burlesque dancer with some business savvy, she has certainly made a name for herself Danielle colby from american pickers a star picker on the show. Frank Fritz may not be the jovial jokester we see when cameras are rolling. The American Pickers star reportedly has a hidden dark side. Behind the scenes, he battled substance abuse and faced possible jail time after being Danielle colby from american pickers driving under the influence.

The police report indicated that Fritz failed a field sobriety test and "had slurred speech and admitted to drinking a beer and taking a dosage of Xanax. He owns a unique treasure trove in rural Litchfield, Ill. Though Wolfe describes Hobo Jack's spot as "one of the best honey holes we have ever had the chance to dig into," that nickname is misleading. Contrary to what Wolfe's nickname may suggest, Sophir is no vagabond.

He attends weekly auctions and reportedly added a dozen buildings to his property to showcase the items he's collected over the years.

He's also a prolific writer and musician whose created numerous albums and books. Wolfe and Fritz have been friends since the eighth grade, and as adults, it still seems like they spend every waking minute together. As two antique collectors who appear to be in a permanent dudes-only road trip, they've fielded more than a few rumors about their sexuality and inspired more than a couple weird fan fictions.

InWolfe married his longtime girlfriend, Jodi Faeth, after more than 17 years together. As ofFritz was dating a woman named Dianethough there's not a lot known about her aside from a few pictures. We hate to break it to you, but Fritz and Wolfe also aren't as close as they appear on TV.

In fact, they live in totally different cities. Wolfe resides in Tennessee; Fritz lives in Illinois. If you watch the show, you might assume these two spends hours together Danielle colby from american pickers the open road chatting about life as they fill their custom van with antique discoveries.

However, there's actually a lot more going on that you don't see on TV. During an appearance at FRY Fest in Coralville, Iowa via HooplaFritz reportedly explained that the team travels with a fleet of vehicles that includes a U-Haul truck, multiple vans, a motorhome, and a huge crew.

All rights reserved. Reasons American Pickers is totally fake. Getty Images. Are their picker credentials up to par? They don't always follow through with their deals Getty Images.

Fritz had trouble with the law Getty Images. Hobo Jack isn't a hobo at all YouTube. Wolfe and Fritz lead separate lives Getty Spreading legs sweet teen. The transportation is staged Getty Images.

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