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You decide…. Just so we are perfectly clear: I would do them both!!! They are both cheap and easy. But if I had to chose one, then I chose Lindsey, she seems cheaper and easier…. I find her to be so stupid to think she can pull off being one of the most gorgeous girls of the s. Marilyn was an amazing woman, showing to me that women can be full, voluptuous, be a size 14, and still be beautiful! And my over all opinion, she needs to stop thinking she can go and be someone else, and starting living as herself.

Only she will agree to it. I mean she only weighed pounds! Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe this Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe Google. Lindsay could Never ever come close to Marilyn. Marilyn is an Icon. Cherry Red Lips October 11, at pm. Seriously, Lindsay needs to get over herself. Its like shes trying to be M,Monroe. First this which is horrible by the way to her new romance with a woman.

In Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe to make in life you need to be yourself. Uh, seriously. How is this even a question of who is hotter? Like, how can you even ask that? The answer is obvious. Lindsey usually looks alright, but these pictures of her are simply awful. But his pictures of Lindsey—ick! However, upon the Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe of her plastic surgeries, she was quite attractive. Lindsay is like in no way attractive. Yes, too skinny and way too many freckles.

She is in no way appealing. She looks ridiculous with blond hair. I actually feel very sorry for her and whoever thought this would be a good idea. Poor thing, lol. Die Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe die! You actually putting Marilyn to shame by trying to immitate her, you will never be her! There was and will always only be one Marilyn Monroe. Lindsay Lohan is so stupid. She in no way resembles Marilyn Monroe.

Wow, there are some real Lindsey haters out there. Lots of people, especially men, find freckles adorable. TO: Jenni Wren … Thank you! It is weird to me how some celebrities, for whatever reason, are assailed with more than an average share of criticism from complete strangers.

Funny enough, MM probably was probably treated the same way in her day. Everyone immortalizes MM, but fails to recall she was considered an uneducated, white trash bimbo of that time. It amazes me how people can be so mean-spirited. I love MM she is by far the most prettiest thing that god has created. She didnt try to mess up her life. However LL is. LL is never going to be able to take MMs spot. What with the nude posing, the barbiturates, the multiple marriages and possible affairs with presidents.

I agree with you, however that she one of the prettiest faces of modern times. Um stacy … I hate to break the news to you, although reputedly sweet and kind; and yes, quite beautiful both before and Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe plastic surgery, MM was a train wreck! It is oh so easy to romanticize the past, especially when it was before our time since all we have is memorabilia for reference. If MM lived today behaving the way those there at the time recall, she would probably amass a sizable collection of the same mean Old man young asian teen put-downs and sneers LL inherits.

Jeez, give the kid a break, LL has done more with her life whether you approve or not than any of us has. Are you seriously asking that? You have a freckle stained piece of drift wood next to the most amazing creature of all time.

Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe is it so difficult!? Lindsay is hideous compared to marilyn. Why is she trying to look Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe her anyway? Theres no resemblence Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe all!! Lindsay has no figure ahahaha. At around the Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe time she changed her name and dyed her hair blond.

Interestingly, the earliest recorded Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe operations were about They were pioneered by a German surgeon, Karl Ferdinand von Graefe, though operations to distort the shape of the nose date back to the Egyptians. Given that Marilyn died init seems highly unlikely that she had her breasts doneanother persistent rumour about her life.

Very interesting photos and comments from all. Maybe it would have turned out better if they Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe her keep her normal hair and not used the gigantic fake lashes?

I believe this is one of the many reasons she became so famous and keeps intriguing her fans. In this photo shoot Lindsay becomes exactly what the photo shoot is — A remake, shallow copy of the stunning original….

This is sad, sad, sad, sad! Not only is Lindsay completely nasty but to compare her to MM?!?! I only have one word for this.

Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe could she have the nerve to make a satire out of her last photo shoot before her tragic death? Her ass is sooo flat and out of shape looking, and where is her waist, or hips? Straight up and down. Good God at the horror. Lindsey does not posses the body, grace, or beauty to even try to replicate Marilyn on any close level. I guess LL needs the cash. I heard on the radio today some idiot claims to have the hypodermic that delivered MJ his eternal sleep.

The famous and notorious are getting more biluous as each new day dawns. AIDS killed creativity. Fashion, movies, books, music, choreography, art, the rest of the media. Add the fact that plain old common sense is gone, Strange world. Wow, Lindsay looks horrible. To whoever the asshole surgeon is that did her plastic surgeries I have this to say: You Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe a beautiful girl and made her ugly.

To me this is all just sad. Lindsay your attemp of emulating such a beautie as Marilyn has failed miserably why would you even try? This might be why they pcked linsey because she was the closest to red hair although Marilyns body hair was brown. She had more brunette or the bleached blond look with the brunetter body. Most redheads not all were born without melon but had they been born with melon would probably be really tan.

Also majority of redheads actually have blond pubes. Certain percent have red and some Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe even with brown. MAriliyn Menroe had brown she had the dark looke, Agnes bruckner nude pic Hollywood told her in order to suceed she would need to bleach her ahir blond now they are saying for linsey to suceed she would have to take her freckles away in a way she is a lot like Marilyn-MArilyn Menro never had a home though she was abused and in an out of orphaneges since day one Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe Hollywood was her only real home to sad they told her she would have to change her image to suceed.

Even though she is gorgeous!! I hope she realizes this. There is no Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe to compare the two,,although Marilyn did do classic nude photos, Lohan has no idea of what class is. The photographer doing both series surely must have seen that. He does a great job laying out the lattter to somewhat reproiduce like shots, anyone can clearly se there is nothing to compare. Lohan was and could have been good in her own right,but she nessed up big time.

No one will ever be the next marilyn monroe especially Lindsay lohan marilyn monroe that red monster!!!!!!!!!! Electric leaf blower April 24, at am.

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