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Ask Your Question today. I am Wife wants to lick my annus and me and my wife rim each other a lot. We just love it. Dude should give it a try. It's awesome and so much fun. You'll surely enjoy it. And please dont ruin her fantasies.

I'm in the same boat as your wife. I also desperatelly want to lick my man's ass but have never done it to anyone else before. He's also I bit afraid but I've done it twice now and he's starting to enjoy it. If I was you, I'd let her. See it as a compliment. I think I feel so comfortable with him because I know he's very clean back there. He also has a very sexy Wife wants to lick my annus. If she thought you were dirty or unatractive back there, she probably wouldn't want to do it.

Since its so difficult to keep that region clean, its a big compliment if she feels confident enough that you are always clean. The other thing is, if you don't sattisfy her sexually, chances are, someone else will I probably won't act on it but it really hurts if your man only thinks of himself sexually. One last tip, take a shower or bath with Wife wants to lick my annus, wash her back there and try to return the favour.

She will fall madly in love with you all over again. Believe me! My wife likes to suck my ass but she does not lick it! I go crazy with her asshole I love it! How can I get her to lick and do it the right way. I let my wife to do it and she is really appreciate that but day by day she wants to enter her finger on me. But I am not comfortable with that is it normal I start thinking she is bysexual and really thinking to divorce please replay.

That's gotta suck your probably had other guys anus' on your mouth now haha just messin wit you aslong as she's brushed her teeth and used mouth wash your all good but damn your lucky i wish i could find a girl that would lick my ass everytime she gets a chance but your should go ahead and do it man it feels great and maybe go ahead and lick her ass while she licks yours.

Cute pregnant girls nude me you and your girl will have a great time and trust me when i say it feels good. Add she just started licking ass recently! Russian hot girls hard sex also fuck her in the ass! But she loves licking and smelling my ass and i jack off.

My wife loves to lick my asshole while i jack off she loves me to do it and i make her masturbate. I like that I do this with my ex. Come on be a man and give her yr ass and even lick her asshole dry you pussy. Of course she would remember all the asses she licked before and even the smell and taste of the asses. Bro but it was before you so don't worry about it. However make sure she dosent rim anyone else whilst she is with you.

Are You Normal? Is It Normal? Help us keep this site organized and clean. Comments 15 Sort: best oldest. Comment Hidden show. I think it's normal. She remembers all of the times. Girls lie about times and people. Hi there blondie! Do you like Wife wants to lick my annus ass licked i love to do that too. This is exactly why i wanna marry a virgin! Add A Comment. Submit Reply Cancel.

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