Why is it that there is so many bridal shoes that are designed to look great in the wedding pictures, but that can be terribly uncomfortable to wear on the ground in real life? When you’re getting everything ready, to do with what you will be wearing at your wedding, you usually have enough on your hands to worry about without having to take on any added concern of how to deal with aching feet on the day. No matter how perfect everything is working, aching feet can make an otherwise happy bride completely oblivious to everything around her. Comfortable wedding shoes, as trivial a consideration as they seem, are no small matter. If anything they should be the first thing you pay attention to planning your wedding attire.

As easy as it is to just say that you need to get comfortable wedding shoes for the bride, how hard is it to pull off exactly? Brides feel the need on their special day usually, to really wear shoes that count. If they can possibly pull it off, 3 inch heels are on the top their list. They make them look tall and regal, they feel. Now a bride needs to realize that she doesn’t have that much time to practice her wedding shoes before the big day comes around. There will just be too much to do to find time practicing walking around back and forth in 3-inch heels. Wearing those heels on the big day can be fine if she already has a lot of everyday experience wearing impossibly high heels. If she doesn’t, it’ll just be asking for a heel-related accident walking down the aisle in high heels. So choosing caution over fashion, it would be a good idea to take nothing taller than a medium heel. It’ll be comfortable, and it will be safe.

The choice of material that goes into a pair of wedding shoes is often not really in keeping with one’s needs in comfort at all. These shoes have pearls and beads, glitter and lace all over the place. These aren’t comfortable materials to have attached to shoes at all. There’s another downside to them – shoes with a lot of work done on them are difficult to match a wedding dress to. Pick something tastefully muted in your choice of shoes, and you should do much better. One reason you want to do that is, you don’t want to take attention away from your wedding dress. Shoes are supposed to do their job being the quietest part of your dress. They just complement your ensemble. You really wouldn’t lose anything going with comfort. Comfortable wedding shoes really bring your dress to the fore. And that is what it has to be about.

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