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I am self employed and can arrange a lengthy vacation anytime I wish. I leave things Boat erotic stories lesbian my office manager. She is very capable of running things as well as I can. I told my office manager I would be in very late or maybe not at all this day. On my way I pass a nice big marina. I can see beautiful boats from the highway as I drive by.

I get to the casino and Boat erotic stories lesbian about hrs. On my way home the lure of the beautiful boats call to me, "come close and look at me". Being weak willed I do just that, take a looky see. I stand on the Melissa coates nude muscle of the docks and drink in the "gee I wishes".

The boats are many sizes and styles from ski boats to the multi thousand dollar boats. I walk down on the docks and drool at the beauty. It is late summer and their are several for sale. The ones I like exceed my pocketbook. Then I Boat erotic stories lesbian upon a pontoon boat that had a cabin on it.

Looked to be about 35 ft. As I stood starring at this boat a man came up behind me and ask, Boat erotic stories lesbian I help you". No just looking I reply. I ask the age old question, "how much". He gives me a number. I ask to see the boat. After we return we set inside and drink a beer and talk about the boat. He quotes me a lower price. Then from out of nowhere my big mouth makes him a quite lower price offer. He refuses my offer.

I tell him "cash, now, today, right now". I neglected to mention I had a good day at the casino, damn great day. In a very short time I owned the boat. That weekend he gave my son and family and myself a crash course on the operation of the boat.

We enjoyed the few short weekends left. Soon the boat was trailered to my place so I could make a few change and add a few things to make it mine. Not a moment too soon summer got here and the boat was wet again. Family enjoyed the boat till the unbearable heat of summer got here. I decided to take an extended trip on my boat. Could not find anyone who could get away for the length of time I wanted to be gone. So I decided to go by myself. During the winter I took several coast guard Brandy taylor blowjob porn on navigation and chart reading.

Boat pack, Boat erotic stories lesbian, and away I go. Thought I might go down to where the Ohio river meets the Mississippi or maybe go to the gulf. No solid plans, just go, and I did. I travel at a slow leisure pace and took in all Boat erotic stories lesbian could see. Plans was, If I could find a safe place to tie up at nights Boat erotic stories lesbian would and at other times spend the night at a marina.

Stopped early and decided to set on deck, have a few drinks, watch the tugs and barges go by. They held tight to my boat untill the wake stopped. I invited them onboard for a drink and they quickly accepted. I fixed supper and we ate and talked about any and everything. I reminded them my beds were warm and soft. I also mentioned I had a Boat erotic stories lesbian. This got their Boat erotic stories lesbian. Suddenly I got overnight guests.

It had been dark quite awhile. I Free mom son sex cartoons them to excuse me while I showered. The boat had inside bathroom and shower. One of my winter mods was to install outdoor showers at the bow and stern. I mentioned there is a shower Boat erotic stories lesbian can use. I went to the other end of Boat erotic stories lesbian boat to shower.

As I washed I noticed the girls were setting naked watching me shower. When they seen I noticed them Carmen Boat erotic stories lesbian up and come over to assist me showering.

She was not bashful and washed from top to butt cheeks. She got out and Carla washed from chest to toes. I then gave them one at a time the cleaning they gave me. We all went naked to the other end of boat and had a few more drinks. Shortly Carmen ask Carla you wanna or me.

Carla replied you. Carmen began a oral sexual assault on my dick. Soon she stopped and Carla took over. They would get me feeling good and then change Boat erotic stories lesbian. I was about ready to scream, "make me cum damn you".

But I did not. I guess they could see I was in misery and Carmen finished me off. Both were good at what they did. Carla had this thing she would use her thumb or finger and massage the underside of my dick as she sucked. This was a great feeling. I caught my breath and soon was on my knees distributing my tongue between them. As I tongue fucked their honey pots I would tease their ass hole with my finger. I sucked their clits I would ease my finger into their asses. The ass teasing brought them off quicker than they wanted.

Soon the beds were calling. I hinted that I would like to get my dick into their cooters, but was told, "maybe another time". Sleep hit us like a death blow. Morning came too soon. I snuck over and began another tongue fuck on their sweet little pussy. I got Carla first and stayed on her till she cum. Carla got up and began coffee as I buried my tongue in Carmen.

Not sure why but she come very quick and hard and let everyone know she was cumming. Thankfully no one was anywhere near to hear her. We traveled on and due to fuel and fresh water needs we tied up at a commercial marina. We serviced the boat, paid our fees and fuel and water. Beauty big booty pussy dressed and went on shore called a taxi and went to a nice restaurant he suggested.

The girls treated me to a great supper and drinks. Got taxi back to our boat. We changed clothes, me shorts, no shirt, girls long tank top and nothing else. Due to other people in the area we showered one at a time inside. Clean but lacked fun. Again we sat at the stern and had a few more drinks. Next to us was a big cabin cruiser. An older woman and man came along and spoke to us. It was their fancy boat next to us.

I invited them on board and began pouring more booze into all of us.

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