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The following story involves shemale on shemale action and is a complete fantasy. Neither Gail Kim and Maryse Ouellet has ever had a dick.

With that said, enjoy the hot action. The blond Canadian shemale was pure naked, the shower head sprayed water all over her above her. As her long blond hair Divas wwe sucking dick soaked and wet, she leans forward on the wall that has the shower head, and in her hands, she tightly processes her new WWE Diva's Divas wwe sucking dick which she won that night.

As the water sprays her, she slightly kisses the belt several times, still in shock that she is once again the best diva in the WWE. She is lost in lust with the belt Divas wwe sucking dick she didn't notice that she wasn't the only one in the shower. Behind her was the finale diva that Maryse beat in the finales, Gail Kim. Gail was to naked and was transfixed at the site of Maryse's back side.

Gail Kim stood there quietly, she didn't want to interrupt the scene Maryse was putting on. She just watched Maryse make out with the Diva's belt. Even thou in Gail's mind, it might sound weird, Gail under stands Divas wwe sucking dick passion that Maryse was in. She remembers a few times when she was champion that she to would also make love to the Divas wwe sucking dick. Their was nothing wrong with that.

We all join this business for that silver belt. So our minds do get that lost when we gain the greatest jewel in the Women's Division. But for now Gail was more lost as she stares straight in the view of Maryse's fit ass. Sure she had seen plenty of other Shemale asses in her life, hell she prefers Divas wwe sucking dick ass then anything else.

Put Maryse's ass was so beautiful, nice and tight. She had to have her. She then purposely hit the wall to get Maryse's attention. Maryse turned her head and saw Gail behind her, staring right at her. Gail just stood there for a while with a grin on her face. Then finally Gail mad a move and went up behind Maryse and planted a passionate kiss on Maryse's lips. Maryse responded by inserting her tongue in Gail's mouth.

Gail took the Divas wwe sucking dick and started sucking on it, as they moan in passion. Gail the lowered her hands and placed them on Maryse's ass as they made out on site.

They then brake the kiss for Naked dragonball z picture breather and stare at each others eyes, both filled with lust. Gail continues to feel the Divas wwe sucking dick diva's ass. As Maryse is looking behind her, seeing her newest shemale lover. Gail notices the belt again, then smiles. I mean it. I'm honored to have you win the title against me.

Your so beautiful, I want you to have me. Maryse moans as she has her fellow diva licking and kissing all over her neck. Maryse then looks Download beautiful xxx porn images her belt in front of her.

She smiles, thinking, first she wins the WWE Diva's championship again, she of course gets a huge cheek for it, and now she has the great Gail Kim making love to her. Feels like heaven in Maryse's mind. She Divas wwe sucking dick feels Gail's hand reaching in front of her and grabbing her raging hard nine inch cock.

She is stroking Maryse's shaft, getting her to moan slightly louder. Maryse is now truly in heaven. Maryse also feels Gail;s eight inch cock grinding in and out of her ass crack. Gail starts humping Maryse's back side, as she continues licking her neck. One of her hands was jerking Maryse off and the other was rubbing her tits.

While her cock is rubbing inside Divas wwe sucking dick ass. Both shemales were lost in lust. Gail then snapped out Hardcore lesbian pussy licking porn it just to say a few words to Maryse. Do whatever you want with me. I don't care. I just want to be with you Divas wwe sucking dick maybe for ever. I realy don't care.

I just want you to fuck me, you ear me. I want you to fuck me. I'll be your little fuck toy. It was for you Maryse, for you to have me. So take me, would you like Just for now, fuck my ass Gail, please Sarah michelle gellar vaseline want your cock fully inside me. I want to feel the cum of yours in me, please Gail I need it bad. Gail didn't disappoint. Gail grabbed her cock and adjusted it and now it was full inside Maryse's ass hole.

Gail then grabbed a hold on Mayrse's hips and quickly started to fuck Maryse's tight ass hole. Divas wwe sucking dick both were moaning in passion. They knew it wasn't going to last long. None the less, Maryse continued enjoying the tight fucking she's in. As she feels Gail's cock grinding her anal walls. Gail continued humping Maryse's ass back and forth, as her hips hits Maryse's ass cheeks.

Maryse's hands still in possession of her belt. She plants her face in the silver, trying to get a grip of the cock that was in her ass. Her semi-hard cock was hanging down motioning back and forth, in motion of Gail's ass fucking. Maryse's feels Gail's cock smoothly quicken the past in her rosebud. She loved her ass getting fucked. It didn't matter Divas wwe sucking dick size it was, big or small. She just loved having a cock up her puckered little ass hole.

With a few finale thrust, Gail's cock starts squirting cum inside Maryse's tight hole. Black pussy and panty was something she truly loved more then anything else. Maryse leaned forward and licked the belt again for a few times. As Gail continues to lose her strength. Maryse then turned her head and was met by Gail's mouth again.

They continued their passion kiss again, as Gail pulls her cock out of Maryse's hole. Maryse then turns off the shower water and they both exited the shower room hand in hand. Divas wwe sucking dick then grabbed a couple of towels to dry each other off. Maryse then reaches inside her ass to grab some of Gail's cum. Then she sticked her fingers in Gail's mouth.

Gail's takes the fingers and licks them clean, tasting her own juices. Gail then spat out the digits to respond. Maryse is still thinking of it. With that they get dressed and then leave the arena Divas wwe sucking dick each others hands like they were best friends not lovers. They enter Maryse's rental sedan and head for the hotel for a young late night fucking. To be continued. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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