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This is the second part of this series, so check out the first part "Nami makes Hancock her slave" before checking this one out. The strawhat crew were Bourbon street adult bars pics on a island in the new world.

It Hancock nami robin fuck a beautiful day and all the guys went to get stuff and things as they were out of food and other requirements. The only people who were left on the ship were Robin, Nami and Hancock who had recently become Nami's slave.

Nami wasn't leaving Hancock and Hancock didn't argue as one she was very Hancock nami robin fuck of upsetting Nami and two she knew she Hancock nami robin fuck do anything as if she ran away now, Nami would tell luffy everything Hancock nami robin fuck how she became Nami's slave.

Nobody knew this sadistic side of Nami, not even her best friend Robin. Nami always wanted to make Robin Hancock nami robin fuck slave, but she never knew how to and never really had the confidence to do so.

But now that she had Hancock as her slave she finally decided to make Robin a slave today. Robin was sitting on the deck, reading her book. Nami was approaching Robin, but she wasn't walking she was sitting on Hancock back and using Hancock nami robin fuck as a horse while Hancock crawled towards Robin.

Hancock caught Robin's eyes and Robin immediately asked "what the hell is going on? Hancock face was red by now, this was the first time she was being humiliated in front of someone. Nami smiled and said "Slave answer her" to which Hancock replied " Mistress Nami didn't want to get tired walking all the way to the deck so I'm giving my mistress a Hancock nami robin fuck. Robin was shocked she started mumbling "Slave?

What's the meaning of this Nami? Nami got off Hancock and put her foot on her head and said "You heard her, I am her mistress and she is my slave and don't worry soon you will be joining her. Nami walked to Robin and before Robin realised she had a collar around her neck, the same collar Hancock had around her neck. The collar was made of sea stone and makes Hancock nami robin fuck devil fruit users little weak. Robin immediately started to feel little dizzy.

She got down on one knee to balance herself. Nami then went to the Hancock nami robin fuck side of Hancock nami robin fuck and started spanking her with a stick. Nami didn't reply she continued to spank Robin one after the other and they weren't soft ones. Robin tried to say something but all she could get out of her mouth were small screams. Nami then tore Robin skirt and started spanking her bare ass which was already little red and it became even more red after few more spanks.

Nami then finally stopped and went in front of Robin and lifted her chin with her hand and said " Ready to obey now or you want more of this? Robin couldn't fight as she couldnt use her devil fruit powers but she still didn't give up, Hancock nami robin fuck was furious and spit on Nami face and said "Fuck off weirdo".

When Hancock saw Robin doing that she got shivers Billboard adult contemporary chart her spine, she thought to herself "Robin is definitely going to regret she did that". Nami was pissed now, you could see the anger on her face. Nami immediately kicked Robin face as hard as she could and Robin actually went flying few metres. Robin was bleeding now, she had a bloody nose and it didn't stop there.

Robin was on the floor on her back, before she could get up, Nami jumped on her chest. Robin screamed in pain. Nami continued to jump on Robin's chest. But after a while she stepped onto Robin face completely smothering her.

Robin now struggled to breathe and also had to bear the weight of Nami. Nami was still pissed she didn't have enough, she began to slap Robin with her feet, loud slaps and after each slap Robin face just kept getting redder and redder and Robin couldnt even scream anymore as she was Nude navajo native girls being crushed by one of Nami's feet.

Nami finally got off Robin and bent down and asked her again this time a lot more sternly "Are you ready to obey or you didn't have enough? But before Nami could do anything else she just managed to somehow reply "Yes, I'm sorry, yes I submit". Nami Hancock nami robin fuck got a hold of her temper and managed to get a Hancock nami robin fuck smirk and said "Thats what I like to hear, now first apologize for everything and I'm pretty sure you know how slaves apologize" Robin now knew she couldn't get Nami pissed again, she was extremely scared of her now.

She managed to get herself up and bent down and put her head right in front of Nami' boots and kissed her boot once and said "Im really sorry mistress, I was wrong I crossed a huge line there I really hope you forgive me, I should know my place and I definitely won't even try to do so ever again, please forgive this slave mistress".

Nami smiled and said "I'm still pretty pissed but okay, now thank me, im telling you all this now as you're a new slave, I'm not gonna teach you manners after this now". Robin kissed Nami boots and said "Yes mistress im really sorry again and thank you soo much for your kindness ,I definitely don't deserve this". Nami laughed she knew now Robin was broken she finally got Robin under her spell. Hancock rushed to Nami' boots and immediately started kissing her left boot while Robin was kissing her right.

Nami just loved the sight, two women who were once strong, independent were now bowing to her and kissing her boots. Rubbing it all over her face using her face like a Ftv cougars doing it in public gif. Robin face soo enough was covered in dirt from Nami's shoes. Nami then said "Stick out your tongue and begin and Hancock you will lick the tops of the same Hancock nami robin fuck. Robin hesitantly started to lick the sole of Nami's boot.

It was horrible all the mud and dirt was in her mouth now, she was feeling horrible but didn't dare to stop as she didn't want to go through that pain ever again. While Robin was Hancock nami robin fuck the soels, Hancock nami robin fuck was licking the sides and and tops of the same boot. Nami put her boot down as she was satisfied and said "Better do the other one faster".

Both Hancock and Robin replied "Yes mistress, we are really sorry for being slow". Nami raised her other boot and was about to put it on Robin face but then Robin stopped her and said "Umm mistress I'm really sorry but Hancock nami robin fuck is a gum stuck on the sole of your boot". Nami raised her boot sole to see it and saw the gum and said "Ohh what do you know, that was the gum I was chewing earlier today morning, well as you're the rug for now Robin why don't you get that out for me.

Robin was speechless, she raised her hand to remove the gum and Nami kicked her hand away "With your mouth you dumb bitch, and eat it too". Robin by this point was too broken to even think of how disgusting that was. The gum was brown in colour and was surrounded with dirt and mud and of course saliva. Robin got the fun out and started to chew the gum, she was going to gag, she almost spit it out before Nami Hancock nami robin fuck at her and said "Don't you dare spit that out until I tell you to".

Robin was so terrified of Nami now that she did not even try to think of spitting it out. She just continued chewing in disgust and said "Thank you mistress, it tastes wonderful". Nami replied "Hahahaha so pathetic, even I find that disgusting, but I know you love it deep down". Nami then looked at Hancock and said "Ohh you must be jealous, don't worry I have a treat for you in sometime". Nami then told Robin to spit it out and Hancock nami robin fuck did so with no hesitation.

Then Nami put her boot and Robin face and both Robin and Hancock knew what to do and began licking and cleaning this boot. After few minutes the boot was clean. Nami was little bit more happy with their one and Hancock nami robin fuck "Better, good girls" Both the girls thanked Nami and kissed her boots while doing so. Nami then just snapped Virginity and real picture fingers twice and Hancock immediately got behind Nami and sat down putting her face on top.

Robin was lost she didn't know if she had to do Hancock nami robin fuck or not. Nami then sat on Hancock's face and stared using her as a chair.

Robin was in surprised but didn't even look at Nami, she just kept her eyes down at Nami's boots. Nami softly ordered "Take them off". Robin was about to take her boots off with her hands and Hancock nami robin fuck remembered and stopped herself and used her mouth to unzip the boot and take it off.

Nami smiled and said "Ohh aren't you learning fast, good girl". Robin kissed Nami socked feet and said "Yes mistress thank you for teaching me manners" But while she kissed her socks for that one second she couldn't believe the stench coming from them. They hit her bad. Hancock nami robin fuck didn't hesitate she wanted to but she didnt she just began smelling her socks and tried her best to control and bare the horrible horrible smell. She smelt all across, near the toes, the heels, the arch everywhere.

Robin immediately used her mouth to take of her socks, it wasn't easy but Diane kruger nude sex managed. Nami then got off Hancock face and Hancock immediately fell down on the floor. Nami picked up her socks and said "Come back up" Hancock came back in her position and Nami stuffed her socks in Hancock's mouth.

Her face was completely smothered, it was literally lost under Nami big sexy ass. Then Nami looked at Robin and said one word "Worship". Robin started licking Nami feet. She Hancock nami robin fuck from heel to toe, licked in between all her toes.

Robin was actually surprised, even though Nami's feet tasted and smelt bad they were unbelievably soft. She continued to lick all around Nami's feet making them all wet. Then she began to suck, she sucked all the toes one at a time and while she was doing so Nami just shoved her whole foot in Robin mouth gagging her.

After Robin finished sucking the toes she Hancock nami robin fuck sucking her heels. She overall did a pretty good job worshipping her mistress feet, she didn't enjoy doing it one bit but she found it much better than anything else she did.

After about an hour of worshipping Nami got off Hancock and said "I'm impressed by both of you" She Hancock nami robin fuck at Robin and said "You were suprisingly very good for your first time" and then she looked at Hancock and said "You lasted much longer this time" and she continued "Good job both of you, I'm impressed". Both the girls kissed Nami's foot and thanked her properly. Hancock somehow under Nami feet managed to say "Ifss aff conmpfleete hfonur mfistresf It's a Hancock nami robin fuck honour Mistress ".

And Robin also got down on her knees and gave a small kiss on Nami soft ass cheeks and said "I couldn't ask for anything more my mistress". Nami started to laugh and said "Yes that's where you both belong". Hancock nami robin fuck sometime Nami made Robin stop and got off of Hancock's face. Nami was tired herself now, she dragged both of her slaves to her room. When she was done she got back and noticed Robin kissing Hancock nami robin fuck feet, she got down and followed Robin and Hancock nami robin fuck Nami's feet too.

Nami stood up and said "Now enough".

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