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Hi guys, how are you? I am the owner of Jbieber Fakes. Well, a few years ago I started this business because I just found it very interesting. I started seeing this world fakes of Zac Efron, and from them, could find much of it, the famous fakes. I then decided to go into that branch, create the fakes, because I saw a lot of people liked it, so I wanted to give them pleasure, fun. Well, I started with my first blog was really a success, but I was not as experienced at making fakes. The first blog was deleted, by denouncing or violation of laws, not sure.

I decided to create a second blog. Was excluded again. So I created the third, which I would not even create alias, created only because I thought that would not leave you with nothing, I had a commitment with you, would not leave them alone. So I created a third blog. And I was with him today because I decided to delete it. As you may have seen, several fakes have been removed because of violation of laws, Cute nude justin bieber fake other things.

There was also the case with Justin Bieber be sending removing the fakes, and even suing people for posting their photos Cute nude justin bieber fake fakes disclose.

So I will not continue with it. I can not put my safety because of that, I can be arrested for it, is very serious, you may not understand. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for all those years we spent together, thank anyone following me since the beginning, really, I just have to thank from my heart for sticking with me, I really loved doing that, working with you in interact, all, thank you very much.

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