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Extreme Beauty Report: Japan. Presented by. Type keyword Extra japan nude beauty salon to search. Getty Images. Face-shrinking masks, skin-munching fish, degree baths: We test some of the most outrageous beauty treatments in Tokyo. Hundreds of tiny, black eellike "doctor fish" are swarming below, waiting for Extra japan nude beauty salon to dip my toes in so they can suck away my dry skin with their toothless jaws.

When I volunteered to test-drive Tokyo's fabled beauty treatments, I imagined authentic shiatsu massage with a Zen garden view, not guppies-gone-wild pedicures. But here I am at Oedo-Onsen Monogataria spa-themed amusement park next to Tokyo Disneyland that doubles as a date destination it's open all night.

My desire? A complete Japanese beauty overhaul. Ning Chao. Body by Dashi. Walking around Tokyo, I'm struck with sudden urges to crash-diet. Petite waifs are the dominant body type, and because I'm 5'9" and weigh over pounds, I feel supersize.

So far, Extra japan nude beauty salon Japanese-only diet is making Extra japan nude beauty salon bloated. Perhaps tempura and beer Extra japan nude beauty salon the best choice after a hour flight? Portion size is much smaller here, but everything is placed on miniature plates for the illusion of abundance.

And despite the lure of Big Macs, most young Japanese women still eat a traditional diet Extra japan nude beauty salon one star ingredient: dashi. A stock made from boiled kombu kelp or dried fish, dashi is the backbone of many dishes, from soups to simmered vegetables. Full of umami, a savory flavor usually associated with meat or fat, dashi gives foods richness without the calories.

MC's Moriyama informs me that every meal, even breakfast is fortified with dashi-based miso soup. And after downing bowls of this wonder broth, I see why. Made from fermented soybeans and packed with probiotics, miso naturally helps with digestion. Bath Time. Boosting metabolism, not surprisingly, Extra japan nude beauty salon a popular pastime. MC's Moriyama takes plus-degree baths every night to relax and rev up calorie burning: "On weekends, I'll spend three hours in the tub reading a magazine.

I love it. To maintain warmth, dieters avoid cold salads. Little Women. For Japanese women, the pressure to be petite extends from head to toe. I book an appointment with Kazuhito Nagasaka, who created the unique J-Body resculpting massage technique that supposedly shifts bones into a smaller shape, and who is best known for training Olympic marathon runner Yoko Shibui.

MC's Moriyama has been seeing him for two months, hoping to shrink for her upcoming wedding. The treatment feels like pleasantly painful kneading, similar to when you rub a sore spot. I'm not sure about the permanent Extra japan nude beauty salon Nagasaka claims that regular treatments will make my waist look as tiny as if I'd had a rib removedbut I do leave the studio relieved of my chronic knee pain, and with a lifted butt and better posture.

Japanese women also focus on shrinking other parts of their bodies, even their faces, with this face mask in the drugstore's body-shrinking section.

Jeffrey Westbrook. Skin So Soft. The Japanese approach to skincare is the opposite of American antiaging, where we try to peel our way back to the past. Here, stripping toner is replaced with a "softener. Chita How many men masturbate while driving, a research scientist for Shiseido.

According to Katagiri, a healthy outer layer prevents problems like dryness, environmental damage, inflammation, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. To maintain perfection, Japanese women religiously wear sunscreen and foundation every day.

Smudge- sweat- and humidity-proof, the formulas here are heavy duty, but the payoff is flawlessness. Artificial Intelligence. Over the past 10 years, lash, hair, and gel nail Extra japan nude beauty salon have become increasingly popular in Japan.

My own set, from Yuuki Takahashi at Twiggy salon in Harajukugives me seductive cat eyes and lasts twice as long as any service I've tried in New York. Japanese Beauty Extremes. Another Japanese beauty tool: Crease-creating Eye Putti. Head Case. My final transformation also takes place at Twiggy salon, where master stylist Miho Matsuura chopped model Tao Okamoto's tresses into the bowl-shaped bob that inspired 3.

After my shiatsu shampoo, Matsuura fluffs my hair to full frizziness so she can see its natural texture with a blowdryer on low. I morph from Yoko Ono in the Love-In days to Japanese pop star as huge chunks of hair are cut out and each layer is shaped into shiny waves.

For easy upkeep, Matsuura suggests a chemical Extra japan nude beauty salon. Not all Japanese women have naturally straight hair, but silky styles are the norm.

Mani Makeover. He suggests a twist on the French manicure—a nude base that gradually deepens to rose gold at the tips with a crisscrossing of white on top. After layering a clear gel on my real nails, Oshiro custom-blends acrylic paint, then airbrushes it on. The result resembles polished stained glass and takes about half an hour—no drying time needed. Strict Beauty Rules. Rules are what really set Japan apart from America. When it's time for me to return home a week later, I borrow the Extra japan nude beauty salon from both worlds to shape my own beauty routine: I don't wake up two hours early to sculpt my hair, but I do religiously apply my Shiseido skin softener, sunscreen, and foundation.

And I can't give up the miso soup—every sip is like a trip back to Tokyo. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Beauty.

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