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Now, I know we've probably all seen pictures and videos of other ABDLs, and their diaper is severely sagging, to the point where the bottom of the diaper itself is sagging a Pichunter mature jane w inches below their bodies. Now, I'm not a huge person 6' 0", poundsand I wear diapers that are my size 31" waistbut it seems like Girls eating other girls assholes can't get my diapers to sag much when I've done my business.

Any tips on how to Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr a diaper to sag more, like in the photos? I would think the looser you tape it the more it would sag after use as gravity will pull it down.

I've noticed more sag in a diaper that I've worn for awhile before using it. Sometimes when I wear to school and go home and finally wet Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr diaper the diaper is more broken in from being worn for a while and sags more after wetting. Cheaper diapers sag more but leak more too. So he did--missed that. Since I'm used to seeing posts about how to avoid leaks and such, I automatically made that assumption without reading the whole thing.

For me it never sags unless a tape comes loose and I don't notice. The absorbant material swells a whole bunch but that's about the closest it gets to sagging. It always ends up leaking 1 or 2 when I try to get it nice and saggy. I can always get it to sag if I double booster! I've also used Seni Pads as boosters, and once it gets heavy, there's noticable sag. I love that look. That is an amazing fat puffy look, my favorite kind!!

Is that a Crinklz?? I hear they really fill up and get puffy. Have to try some. Is that a moisture detector? It seems to be reading very low Yeah, I heard that Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr is now stocking them. I have quite a few of my Rearz Inspires to use up first before I order something new, but be assured those are what I'm going to try next. Thanks for the reply. Buy a larger size. That way it's already baggy on you, and when you start to fill it the weight will make it sage.

There was a photo awhile ago using suspenders UK braces to hold up the loaded diaper how much real Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr Tall slim nude women it is drop drop plop plop is uncertain.

This has something to do with a loaded diaper seeking its own level although the laws of physics still apply - experiments carried on with RISK! Here is my diaper sag solution that I use everyday.

I am wearing a white pair of fixing pants made by Abena. I wear a pull up if I am leaving the house for more than an hour or so. Last week I arrived home after a couple of hours at the shops only Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr have my wife tell me I had an obvious dipper sag. I now wear a onesie Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr a pear of tite fitting underwear over the top. If I'm not wearing a onesie, my diapers tend to sag. I wet slow- trickles- over a long period of time so most of the diaper is saturated or used to near capacity.

That's when it sags. Also, if I've been very active and not wearing a onesie, that seems to increase the diaper sag. Thinner cloth backed diapers don't seem to sag as much- I tend to change them more because I don't like leaks and when they get so full, I've had them leak on me.

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Have you considered plastic pants or a onesie over the diaper? Drink Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr of water oh-peee. Go to a sporting goods store where they sell hunting equipment. If I'm reading the OP correctly, he wants his diaper to sag more.

Posted November 14, I did too. Posted November 18, Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr Posted November 30, Posted March 22, I put a soaker or 2 inside my nappy which extends the life of the nappy plus also helps with nappy sag. Posted March 28, Posted April 1, Posted April 2, Posted April 3, Posted April 6, Posted April 30, Posted May 1, Join the conversation You can post Hot saggy diaper girls tumblr and register later.

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