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Scandal always seems more powerful than praise and repute. As long as an individual is embroiled in an embarrassing scandal, their reputation will be tarnished regardless of their previous behavior.

However, many entertainers and singers now fabricate their own scandals to raise their level of recognition and media. The following ten entertainers have all been involved in Hong kong celebrity nude photo scandals. Attitudes and reactions from the public have differed in each case, bringing disparate results.

Carina Lau. Carina Lau, born Hong kong celebrity nude December 8th,is a famous Hong Kong actress from the s. Later, Carina Lau admitted that the female actress was her, and the photo was taken 12 years ago when Lau was kidnapped. After the scandal, outraged celebrities like Jackie Chan staged a public protest about the photo, with Lau bravely posing in front of the group.

Eventually the magazine was shut down and the nude photo incident won Lau tremendous support. Adjust font size:. Follow China.

Print E-mail. Send your stories Get more from China. Top Hong kong celebrity nude celeb victims of nude photos The following ten entertainers were all involved in nude photo scandals, but different attitudes and reactions to their incidents brought disparate results.

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