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This is because guys never figured out how to WIN the arguments. See that? Stop it. Your style, delivery and focus are as obvious as pornography is to a feminist. If you think about that…. What you NEED to do is realize that women have special needs… such as feeling unique and feeling respected.

See how simple? Also, do what you can to make her believe that what you were going to do in the first place and never planned to change regardless of what she said is actually HER Never argue with an ass that SHE came up with during the argument!

You put the food on the table unless you took Bill C. Who Knows? ALLLLL of a sudden, your girl starts to see the merit in having you right there in the crib where she can see you.

Playing video games is actually a testament to the strength of your relationship and how committed you are TO HER! You win the argument, because you keep playing your games, like you were going to do ANY OLD WAY… She wins the argument, because she feels better about herself as a person and she feels better about her relationship to you… AND you got the bonus points because NOW she feels like having you at home playing video games while she brings you brews is in HER best interest.

We always have these knock-down drag-out arguments that we enjoy so much. You want to manipulate and win arguments instead of gain mutual understanding?

Ever check out the cheating and Never argue with an ass statistics? EDIT: I just checked the hyperlink. Hi Cheryl! Richard, why brand me a hater just because Never argue with an ass disagree? Do people have to be either a sycophantic fan or a hater? Cheryl: Never argue with an ass. PS — Your next comment just came through Not a problem at all. My Dear William, You missed your calling.

The analysis in this post leads me to believe you should ditch the video editing gig and become a mattress salesman. Wow Bill, you sure are getting a lot of flack for this one. Girls complain about this all the time!!

And i think your way of getting out of it is funny and not demeaning at all! Same exact plan. Ok, Bill. I like the attempt, but think your idea is a little lite. Might fool her Never argue with an ass the bat, but I think doing this would Never argue with an ass putting fuel on the fire. Spot on there, Cheryl. Derek: Sorry for the late response. Sometimes, the system fails to notify me when I have a new comment.

Then, when it DOES notify me, it links me to the latest comment posted, and I miss comments before that. The answer to that is…. Feel free to elaborate. Some people take my posts seriously, and some people take my posts as a joke.

Some people are entertained. Some people are fascinated. Some people are shocked. Some people laugh their asses off.

So, no. Thanks for the post, Derek. Your solution is kinda like throwing someone in the pool to teach them to swim. Same with you comments. If the girl wants that relationship to work, then they had better understand that the man is NOT out with other chicks and THAT is a good thing for the girl. Not everyone, but SOME people. Guys OR Chicks. Mention whomever you like, hahaha. I had an IRL discussion with Never argue with an ass reader who brought up to me that all of my posts are confrontational or combative or indicative of a power struggle.

How do you get what you want under trying circumstances? How do you move from midgame to endgame? Guys are looking for ideas on what to do, and girls are looking for ideas on how to stop them. Everyone benefits! I just added your site to my favorites. I enjoyed this article, some what funny because I think the reverse is true….

Make a guy think something is his idea and you will always get your way. I do agree with a previous post stating this can only be used once on a girl.

She will poke holes in this eventually. And that chick can put her hands in the AIR all day if she wants. BTW, that was a very nice description of an independent woman:. Now, the point I was unsuccessful in making is that those club records where the chicks throw their hands in the air are NEVER describing what you wrote.

So when that happens, you have BROKE chicks dancing and waving their hands in the air at the same time as actual rich women are. But I agree with your assessment. BTW, I do truly enjoy your blogs because you put a very funny spin on probably the most frustrating human dilemma. Relationships with the opposite sex. You could even be a faithfully devoted husband and write lyrics Croatia beach family naked HOES all Never argue with an ass. That would never happen TO ME!

When a woman goes on vacation alone, this is the kind of stuff she does because nobody is around to judge her. Men are grossed out by women who will let them do anything to them. Women are NOT angels. Women are manipulative selfish maniacs…and Never argue with an ass just want peace and quiet and the occasional shag without Never argue with an ass to argue about nothing 5 minutes after.

They DO Never argue with an ass things all the time, otherwise there would be a shortage of porno movie actresses. As it stands, you can get chicks all over the world to DO that stuff.

Since guys are willing to do anything for a chick they want to have sex with, that kind of treatment goes to their heads and they feel really good about themselves until they become has-beens and get treated like regular chicks for the rest of their lives.

The first woman spoke of trickery and fake resolutions to conflict. How else can you co-exist with a woman, much less any other human being without some deception. I understand how that sounds, but please tell me I am wrong. I dare anyone to tell me they are not being deceived by a partner of any gender. My girl is mad at me for being out past 3 am for the first time in our relationship.

I asked her how she can be mad at me for her feeling scared and she told me it was because im not considerate. I asked her what would have been more considerate and she said some time around 2 am. I asked how that makes any difference, since this is my first offence. To which she responded you go out till 1 am every thursday to a friendly Never argue with an ass game. To which I responded, but that is within the considerate time frame to which she responded.

I dont care. Point and Match! Most woman most meaning more than 50 percent, which is hugely generous cannot argue intelligently. Also, they are irrational, and stubborn. As far as deception, degrees of deception are always necessary in order to provide social lubricant. That way, he can answer truthfully and stay in her good graces, but you see my point. You can either tell a chick the truth and suffer the consequences or tell her what she wants to hear and get the utility out of her that you imagined the first time you walked up to her at the bar or in the supermarket and kicked it to her.

As soon as you go outside of them, she becomes Never argue with an ass about her control over you in this relationship. That Never argue with an ass, at least you get about a 30 second break from the nagging while she tries to figure out the relevance.

See how that works? Let her stay mad. This should have said winning arguments with ur SO because I had 2 insipid arguments with women who I have worked with. Explaining what part it played was pointless.

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