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Disclaimer: All characters are owned and copyrighted by Marvel Comics Group. No infringement for profit is intended. Notes: Originally posted inthis is a loose sequel to "An Afternoon Off. Scarlet's Cove is a creation of Ann Douglas. I'm just borrowing the club for my stories — as an homage to me inspiration for writing femslash.

She had just left work after a long, slow day and was still in uniform, as Peter jokingly referred to her designer dress. She smiled when she thought of her boyfriend, Peter Parker. He was such a surprise to the girl. So shy and reserved but with an underlying passion and commitment.

And he was a wonderful lover. She had determined that personally just before high school graduation. She supposed she loved him, as Gwen stacy mary jane naked as any high school graduate could. She knew he was the first boy she really felt any attraction Gwen stacy mary jane naked. And he was the one who had taken her cherry.

Peter was home, quite upset as his Aunt May was in the hospital again. Gwen went over to give him a shoulder to cry on. As they sat and talked, she leaned in and kissed him. Before either teenager was aware of what was happening, Peter was inside Gwen.

The feelings he created in her wiped out any pain from her broken hymen. And he somehow was able to hold his own Gwen stacy mary jane naked in check until she had come twice.

They had made love two other times since then. One time, they made love beneath the Boardwalk at Coney Island. The other time, Peter had borrowed Harry Osborne's car and they had driven out to Gwen stacy mary jane naked. Both times they were more careful, Peter using condoms to prevent any surprises for them. Tonight was going to be special. First, Peter was taking her to dinner and then dancing. Afterward, they would come back here and make love all night in a real bed, like regular people.

She had the house to herself, her widower father was out of town for several days at a conference. She hoped it would be as good as the other times. She fervently hoped she wouldn't feel like something was missing, as she had on the two most recent times.

At that thought, the smile dropped from her face. She was confused, terribly confused. A little over a month before this potentially special night, shortly after she started working at Karen's Boutique, a very unusual situation developed. Karen's is an upscale shop in Manhattan. Gwen had started there part-time as a sales clerk, mainly on weekends.

Since graduation, she had been working full time. She loved the job, it gave her a chance to see some of the latest fashions from the European design centers. And she had to admit the pay was quite good, even when she was Robyn busty british babe part-time.

Karen had set up the shop to cater to a particular clientele, the rich and elite. Though often snobs, there were the occasional Big ass women fuck who treated Gwen as more than just a servant or door mat. Such a couple had come in that day last month. She had been hanging some of the newest Halston originals as a pretty blonde and an equally attractive brunette came into the store.

She directed them to the spacious dressing rooms towards the back after they selected some clothing to try on. She soon heard muffled groans and cries coming from the room they were in. She became concerned and asked several times if they needed any help only to be told that everything was fine. Finally, Gwen went to the store manager, Marie Granicos.

But, in all that time, the dressing room was never out of Gwen's sight for more than a few seconds at a time. As Marie prepared to open the door to the dressing room in question with her master key, the door fell open at her touch.

They looked in but could see no one. There was only the one door, so where could the women have gone? Marie yelped and jumped back as if she'd been stung. As Gwen stepped forward to offer assistance, the young blonde felt a slender hand gently squeeze her breast as a light electric Gwen stacy mary jane naked zapped her other breast, sending a tingle down to her suddenly damp core.

She heard a whispered "Thank you" and felt soft lips press against hers and Gwen stacy mary jane naked tongue slip in to caress her tongue.

Her heart skipped several beats because there was no Free video fucked by dwarfs there! Nothing but the Gwen stacy mary jane naked scent of sandalwood and something else. Something earthy and Gwen stacy mary jane naked. Later, after she and Marie had calmed down, she went into the dressing room to gather the clothing the women had taken in there. She noticed a very distinctive aroma in the air.

Gwen recognized the scent, it was similar to what lingered on her fingers after she secretly masturbated herself to sleep. And it was one of the scents that she had noticed after the phantom kiss.

Since that very strange incident, she had not noticed anything Gwen stacy mary jane naked unusual at the store and Marie patently refused to discuss it. As Marie had been reluctant to call the police, the incident was easily hushed up. As far as the manager was concerned, the event never occurred.

That was far from the case Gwen stacy mary jane naked the lovely teenager from Queens. Gwen had been having erotic dreams since the incident, sometimes Gwen stacy mary jane naked than one in a night. These dreams always involved some unknown or invisible woman making love to her. These dreams always ended with her in the throes of an orgasm that roused her from her slumber. When that happened, Gwen was too keyed up to sleep and ended up giving herself another, if not as intense, orgasm before she was able to drift off to sleep Tube sex pirates stagnettis revenge. One night she fingered herself to three separate orgasms!

Gwen felt a pleasant tingling between her legs as she remembered those torrid nights alone. Gwen stacy mary jane naked to deal with the insistent itch, Gwen went into the living room and sat on the sofa.

Flipping up the short skirt, she slipped her hand under the waistband of her panties. Feeling the damp heat, she began to slide her fingers up and down the soft, protruding lips before slipping two of them into her hot center. As she penetrated herself, she gave voice to a little cry of pleasure.

Gwen pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy. With her other Gwen stacy mary jane naked, she began to flick the tip of her clitoris as it slipped out of its protective hood. While she was pleasuring Family nude pussy gallery, Gwen pictured several different people naked. All women. And the one image that she knew was accurate from the locker room was the center of her masturbatory fantasy.

Just as she was about to reach her climax, the phone in the hallway began to ring. Gwen decided to let the ringing act as Gwen stacy mary jane naked counterpoint to her orgasm. Just as her climax was about to break over her, the answering machine picked up and she heard her father's voice. It acted like a bucket of cold water on the aroused teenager.

Guiltily she pulled her hands out of her panties and got up off the couch. Her legs were unsteady but she made it to the hallway and picked up the receiver of the phone next to the answering machine the NYPD had supplied her father. George Stacy was in Chicago at a conference of city, state, and federal law enforcement professionals. It was a four day event to discuss the rise in super-powered beings and what, if anything, can be done to protect normal human beings.

The voice in the receiver was slightly distorted by Gwen stacy mary jane naked distance, "Its okay. Candid jb butt cheeks think my time would be better spent Gwen stacy mary jane naked home on the job.

How's work? He's taking me out to dinner then dancing," Gwen replied happily, glad her father couldn't detect anything unusual in her voice. She Gwen stacy mary jane naked a fresh pang of guilt when she detected her own essence on her fingers while talking to her father. Well, I won't keep you. I'll be here for the next four days. You have the number for the Palmer House if you need to get in touch with me.

See you when I get back. Love you! Gwen, constantly aware of her scent on the fingers holding the receiver, said, "I love you too, Dad. Have a good time!

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