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It was a long day and I am tired. I took a shower and put on some shorts and a t-shirt I would wear to bed. I drink down a few shots of whiskey and settled down in the living room. I stretch out on the couch, arms behind my Sexy hot couples sex, feet still resting on the ground. I turn on the TV but I don't plan to watch it She walks over and sits down on the couch next to me.

We channel surf for a bit but soon the whiskey starts to roll over me and I lay back, arms behind my head, eyes closed. I lift a leg up onto I love to fuck my wife couch. I feel that buzzed warm sensation from the whiskey. I stretch my arms over my head, feeling good. I will probably fall asleep if she starts a DVD now.

If she wants to watch a movie I will try to stay awake. I feel the cushions shift and then a familiar touch on the inside of my thigh. Her touch is light and reaches up into the leg of my shorts. My cock responds almost instantly and by the time her I love to fuck my wife reaches my balls it is almost fully erect. I groan lightly as she starts stoking my balls with the tips of her fingers.

She shifts her weight again and I look down. Her lips are hot and moist on the inside of my leg as she kisses along the same path her hand had just taken. She knows I really, really like that. I feel the leg opening of my shorts being pulled aside. Suddenly her lips are on my balls, her tongue pushing them around.

I groan as she slowly takes one into her mouth, then the other. I open my eyes but all I can see is the top of her head. She works slowly and deliberately. She is always too rough with them and soon they started to ache. It's a dull ache that extends into my groin. Her hand starts stroking my shaft which is now almost as hard as it gets. Rolling onto her stomach, legs bent at the knees behind her, she pulls my cock out the leg of my shorts.

The air in the room is cold which only increases the sensation as she drowns my shaft in her hot, moist mouth. She starts out playfully at first with slow deep strokes, very gently. My cock pops out of her mouth and she blows air over the head. I look down. The head of my cock is really large, almost angry and purple. She looks up at me, her eyes lusty and hot.

Then she dives back down and my cock disappears in her mouth. I moan lightly to indicate my satisfaction. She starts working my cock faster now, no longer Hot pregnant women porn playful but trying to get me off. I run my fingers through her hair, trying hard I love to fuck my wife to grab her head It's what I instinctively want to do but it's too soon and I don't think she would like it right now.

She gets up and goes into the bathroom. My raging erection leaves me wondering if I made the right decision. I really want to get her off, however, and I know it will be easier in the bedroom. It's familiar territory. She is taking a long time in the bathroom. My cock starts to soften. I walk upstairs to the bedroom, strip, and lay down on the bed. I hear the sound of a Amateur the one and only clicking.

She is on the Internet. I know this will take a while. I get under the covers and close my eyes. I wake up when the light clicks on from inside the bedroom closet. Looking at the alarm clock I notice two hours have passed. I apparently dozed off while she did whatever she was doing on the computer. She climbs under the covers, bedclothes on. I am not capable of conversation more complex than this. Very fucking funny, I think. Not a chance. No fucking way. Still groggy I roll over and half lay on her, holding myself up on one arm.

I lean to one side and push my arm up her shirt and place my hand flat over her breast. I know to be gentle with it. It is very warm and inviting. Looking her in the eyes I kiss her on the lips, lightly at first. Her mouth opens and so does mine. Our tongues touch and she moans into my mouth. We kiss for a while, but the kissing becomes more intense and I find myself winded simply from not breathing. Breathing heavily now, she pushes me up. Sitting up I love to fuck my wife pulls her top up and over her head.

It's an awkward maneuver and her earring gets caught in her nightshirt. I gently untangle her and start to toss the shirt at I love to fuck my wife foot of the bed. She lies back down. Then I lean back on top of her but instead of kissing her I love to fuck my wife I lean over and kiss her neck.

She pulls her hair out of the way, shaking her head from side to side. I run my tongue along her I love to fuck my wife and nibble lightly. She sighs and gently strokes the back of my head and neck. She flinches and wiggles. I know it's not feeling as good as when I started She almost giggles, so I stop. I pick my head up and kiss her again, open mouthed, head cocked to the side.

I sit up and turn around so I am sitting on my knees at her head facing her feet. Then I lower myself onto her nipple and draw it into her mouth. She strokes my side and moans as I gently stroke her nipple with my tongue. I lick around the areola. Her nipple is hard now. I keep gently licking it. Then I start to nibble, gently at first. She's really getting into it. I gasp and then moan. She has lifted her head and taken my nipple into her I love to fuck my wife. I lower my torso so she won't strain her neck.

I knew what I was doing when I turned around, obviously. She isn't gentle and starts to bite it almost at once. It hurts but she doesn't bite too hard and I like it. In fact I like it a lot. We each continue to mutually play with the others nipple. Then she reaches up and starts stoking my cock. Did I mention my cock is rock hard at this point? She pauses for a I love to fuck my wife and acts a little coy.

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