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Hi my name is Nikki. I am a 26 year old brunette, Nude in publich accidental and about I always dress to Nude in publich accidental but had never been nude in public although the idea seemed to excite me. This is the story of my first nip experience. It is a bit tame compared to some stories that I have read here but my adventures have gotten better and I hope to continue submitting them.

The idea of being seen nude excited me and so I started by just spending the day naked in the house with all the curtains and drapes open. This was a bit exciting as someone may pass by and see me through the window at any time.

I started to feel quite comfortable naked and thought it was time to push myself a little more. I began by going out into the enclosed porch which has windows on 3 sides, one side which faces the street and the other the back of my neighbors house. The room is heated only by the sun which warms it some but it was still very cool. I didn't stay out there long but kept returning to the room every few minutes trying to stay out there a little longer each time.

I saw from inside the house that the postman putting mail in the mailbox which is outside near the driveway a few feet from the door that leads outside for the enclosed porch. I wanted to go out naked and get the mail from the mailbox just a few steps out of the room and in front of my house, I was so afraid but yet so excited at the thought.

I finally got up my nerve and went out to the room, carefully looking out to the street to see if there was any sign of people and saw no one around.

I thought why not go for it, the combination of the cold Nude in publich accidental the thought of what I was going to do Nude in publich accidental so exhilarating. I nervously opened the door and stepped out into the cold air. Still no one in sight, so I made my way to the mailbox retrieved the mail and then reality struck.

The door to the porch locks automatically when it closes to keep my dog from jumping at the door and having it Nude in publich accidental open. I always go out Nude in publich accidental front door to get the mail, this time I didn't. I hurried to the front door but just Nude in publich accidental I imagined it was locked.

My neighbors next door and across the street were both at work, I was Nude in publich accidental a panic. There I was barefoot and naked in 30 degree weather. It was later in the afternoon and it was going to start getting colder. There is a small convenience store about a half a block away and across a very busy street.

I Nude in publich accidental two options freeze to death or go over to the store naked and get help.

I stood against the side of the house for a few minutes trying to think of another way out of this mess. Finally my teeth began to chatter, my feet were frozen and I knew I could not wait anymore. I hurried as fast I could to the corner and ran across the street to the honking of car horns. I ran inside and was greeted with looks of amazement. I was very embarrassed as the owner new me so well since I was a regular customer.

He hurried an got his jacket for me which helped warm me some but my feet were still very cold and the jacket was short and didn't cover much below my waist. I stood there being ogled by a few customers and began to feel excited rather than embarrassed. The owner called a locksmithgave me a cup of tea and I waited for his arrival.

When I saw him pull up to the house I hurriedly went back to the house still wearing just the jacket and was back inside in a matter of minutes. I paid Nude in publich accidental locksmith and then hurried into a warm bath, swearing I would never attempt anything like that again. I of course Nude in publich accidental thought of how I felt when I first went Nude in publich accidental the store naked and decided maybe I will think about this some more before I say never again.

You will be happy to know I did do it again Nude in publich accidental few times and in different ways but they were all planned.

Report Story. I like your style and admire your bravery. I wish I had the nerve to do Nude in publich accidental being naked but never went that far.

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