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Upset and angry about how twice in one day, I stepped in a wet spot on the floor in my own house. Surly Spanked wife hand ass hard wet spanking would help, so I sat on my chair Spanked wife hand ass hard wet the kitchen and called to him, he came over to me looking worried and a little scared. I held him over my lap and warmed his bottom up while he still had his boxers on.

I then pulled his boxers to reveal his bare bottom that had already turned a shade of pink. I continued to whack each cheek harder and faster. Swatting Naked africa black women pussy cheek firmly and progressively getting faster, this continued for a few minutes. Reminding him Spanked wife hand ass hard wet take his shoes off at the door or else, until he finally told me he was sorry.

Annoyed by his cocky little attitude I put my husband over my knee for a spanking. He soon regretted his little boy behaviour after I began smacking his bare bottom with my hand. I sat there and gripped my hairbrush tightly as I spanked his bare ass, of course his reaction was to start moving around kicking. I put a stop to that by locking his leg with mine. I placed him in the corner pants down, boxers at his knees, bare bottom, I left him there telling him to think about his bad behaviour and to wait for his upcoming punishment.

I returned to what I had been doing earlier and after finished up, I got out my naughty stick and placed it on the table nearby him. Annoyed by him ass slapping and grabbing me earlier I started slapping his ass firmly with my hand, slapping him over and over while reminding him of actions. After leaving him in the corner for five minutes, I came back and began using the naughty stick. Giving him a solid whack, then another and another smacking him swiftly while he started whimper each time I swung.

Next I had him bend over, his bottom was red with spots where the skin was beginning to break. Forty five minutes went by and my husband was still in the shower, curious to know what was taking Spanked wife hand ass hard wet so long, I went in to check on him. I was disappointed to find him jerking off in the shower, I lectured him about his inappropriate behaviour while I made his stand against the wall and be spanked with my bare hand.

As he began to whimper, I pulled him out of the shower and put him over my knee to continue spanking him firmly with my hand. Wanting to make sure he remembers for the next Spanked wife hand ass hard wet he showers that it is to get clean and not play with himself. I have him get up so I could go and retrieve my bath brush. I started whacking him nice and Safe sex between butt cheeks with the bath brush knowing he was feeling it more now that his bottom was wet, so it probably stings more, my hand did.

I finished spanking him until his buttocks Spanked wife hand ass hard wet a pretty shade of pink around some white spots that he should feel when he sits down for the next little while.

Of course I had to give him a spanking. While at the same time trying not to draw to much attention to our hotel room from the other guests. I started with Slut in az zarqa flogger just playing around nothing too hard at first, using light flicks with the flogger to whip his bare bottom.

This is when I told him my plan for using the tawse, he started to whimper after the first few smacks with the tawse, I kept switching between the tawse and flogger, while counting down the swats with my tawse. My naughty husband got his well needed weekly spanking and this time I decided to use the wheelbarrow position.

Having him in this position worked out great, I liked how easily I could spank his bottom with either of my hands or even both if I wanted and I had a great view of his Spanked wife hand ass hard wet cock and balls resting on my lap Spanked wife hand ass hard wet I spanked him.

I spanked him with my bare hands while he squirmed around on my lap, the sting of the slaps making him inch away slowly from me, until I pull him back into position. I give my husband a 10 minute long over the knee spanking with hand and paddle, Uncut and unedited. For this weeks spanking I decided to give my husband a lesson about motivation. I used a small square thin wooden paddle. Love this paddle! At the beginning of the spanking my husband made the Spanked wife hand ass hard wet of laughing which he has a tendency to do even during the spanking.

I spank him bare handed over his covered bottom with hard firm smacks at a steady pace, after a few minutes I take out my paddle and continue with whacking his bottom. Then I removed his boxers and started spanking him with my hand and then my paddle again. Finally I had him stand at the wall so I could admire my work, and he could have some time to think about all the things that he needs to get done this week. So there I was lying on the bed and he decides to climb on top of me pinning my arms down Spanked wife hand ass hard wet his arms, then jokingly pretending he was going to force his cock in my mouth.

Wanting a better view for myself I re-position him again, over my knee with his legs spread wide and his erection pressed against the outside of my thigh, while I spank his little bum to a nice shade of red.

Still wearing my night gown I had him lay across my lap on the bed. I then repositioned his cock and balls so they were exposed and vulnerable. I teased his cock and balls with my hand rubbing and stroking using the precum as a lubricant.

I started spanking him again with firm slow smacks until I had him turn over. I held his legs up Massage girls ass dildo the air and spanked him some more.

Finishing by rubbing my covered pussy on his face till he cummed all over his own chest. My husband wanted to have sex but ended up with a sore bottom. My husband thought he was going to get away with not doing the dishes. I quickly make him regret that decision by taking him over my knee for a sound spanking.

Using my hand to start and finishing with a wooden spoon. After his quick spanking I have him do the dishes pants down with a very sore bottom.

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