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After all, when three people are involved, there are a lot of limbs, holes, and mouths to position. As for the Blonde teen rachel james side of things—well, just make sure you communicate about it before and Two in one sex. Everyone gets a fine-ass view if you arrange yourselves thusly: M enters you from behind, your upper leg draped back and over their hips.

The other F lies on their back so their V is within kissing distance from Two in one sex mouth.

You can watch each other, and your bestie is tasting distance away. Lie next to each other and make out while the man kneels between you, fingering you both with extra-lubey hands. Fulfill all kinds of lifelong fantasies at once by going down on your friend. Your male partner can easily apply a hand or buzzy toy to you as they stroke themselves, all while auditing the finest master class in oral they will ever behold. The position version of perfect jeans—basic but versatile enough to work with anything.

Lie on top of your friend. Penetrate them with a strap-on and put a vibrating toy between you or go analog and just rub together, using fingers as needed. Your M kneels between your legs and picks a hole to enter. Switch with the other F every once in a while, high-fiving during trade-off optional.

Forget ye olde daisy chain because it has all the negs of 69 plus another damn person. Instead, take turns giving the third an oral overwhelm. Start with you, Two in one sex because, and sit at the edge of a bed or chair, pushing your knees apart.

They can both use their Two in one sex on you at once or take turns, kissing each other between. Trade off after, if you can manage to move. If a spontaneous threesome breaks out in the living room, have your third sit on the couch while you get on all fours in front of them for some oral love. When your M is ready in probably two secondsthey kneel and take you from behind.

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